Blues Buddha

Blues Buddha

 New York City, New York, USA

High energy fun and exciting blues with world class musicians.

"No one does it like the Buddha". His connection to the audience and his passion for the music is unmatched.



The Blues Buddha band explores every style of blues.They will entertain you with rock,funk,soul and or standard straight up Blues.

Do you like Boogie Woogie piano?
Hot Guitar leads?
Powerful Vocals?
Do you believe that the Blues are the Roots and the rest are the fruits?
Do you like to have fun?

The goal of the band is to awaken your spirit to a full Blues experience.

Tommy Dudley
Tommy a/k/a The Blues Buddha is a rough and tumble blues vocalist who, in his own words, has picked up stylistic influences from people he admires and mixes them into his own musical gumbo. Eclectic influences include: R&B artists Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding...(the) straight-ahead blues and rock and soul of Eric Burdon, Mitch Ryder, Elvis... and Tom Jones.

Musicians in his band include Al Payson on Bass,Tyger Macneal on Drums, Chip Lairson and Ron Mirro on Guitar and Scott Staton on Piano. Other players include Joe Piteo on Drums,Peter DeHoff on Piano, Johnny Federico on guitar

He has shared the stage and worked with with many local and National talents including Peter Calo, Dan Cipriano, Clifford Carter,Jon Corbert,Al Orlo,Myles Mancuso,Adam Roth,Gil Parris,Dave Fields,Billy Gibson,Joe Louis Walker, Roxy Perry, Jim Moran,Nicole Hart,Benny Landa,Kenny Aaronson,Tommy Mandel,Paulie Triff,and "Sweet Poppa" Lou Donaldson and many more

A finalists for The New York Blues and Jazz Society IBC Battle of the Bands held on Sept 28th 2010.

CD "I like it a Lot" picked in their top 50 by Real Blues Magazine March 2011

In January of 2009, together with Scott Staton of Stoopid Daddy Records Tommy began writing seven original tunes for a new project.They then collaborated with Denny Leroux of Storm of the Century Music for the final three songs. Over this past year, they recorded with Larry Alexander at his studio, with a group of super talented musicians.

Joe Piteo (Nicole Hart Band, Gil Paris Band)
Al Payson (Grammy winner,Jose Feliciano Band, Blues Buddha Band)
Gil Paris (Blood Sweat and Tears, Grammy Nominated)
Jeff Ganz (Roy Buchanan,Johnny Winter Band,Grammy Nominated)
Alan Childs (David Bowie, Rod Stewart)
Johnny Feds Federico (Johnny Feds and the Bluz Boys, Roxy Perry)
Matt Rae (Arlen Roth Band, Moose and the bullet proof blues band)
Ronnie Mirro (Roxy Perry, Nikki Armstrong and Mojo Freddie, Blues Buddha Band)
Nicole Hart (Nicole Hart Band, The Shades)
Mike Garner (Blues Buddha Band, Duchess Di and the Distractions)
Eddie Sticky Crucy (Blues Buddha Band, Duchess Di and the Distractions)
Denny Leroux (Storm of the Century Music)
Larry Alexander (Recording Engineer worked with Bruce Springsteen and a Grammy Winner with Janis Ian)
Scott Staton (Charlie Musselwhite, Room Full of Blues, Blues Project)
Chip Lairson (Blues Buddha Band, The Catfight Blues Band)

The CD”I like it a lot” was released in March 2010. It has received airtime around the world.

Released Seven Singles in 2011

Currently in the process of releasing a new CD in 2012

Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine
By Dave Fields/ NYC Blues
Buddha got a Voice So big You swear he wouldn’t need a Mic.
You don’t have to be religious to love the power of “The Blues Buddha”. His croonings will leave you in a soulful trance while his giant voice will engulf you in the best zen blues.

Blues Matters Magazine Dec 2010
Pete Innes
Dudley's husky, genial vocals hit the spot perfectly. Rounded, feel-good up-tempo jazzy ‘Like I Do’ sets the bar high from the start and it’s all good thereafter.
If you love your 12-bar Blues as much as I do, you’ll rave over ‘Low Cotton’, a sweet bar-room boogie
Buddha is a big guy with a big voice, from the Big Apple


Burned by the Blues

Written By: Tom Dudley

Laid down with dogs
got up with fleas
had to beg on
my hands and knees
hard luck and trouble
all I know
my girl just
walked out the door

Been down so long
looks like up to me
Burned by the blues
in the third degree

Say life is short
but not for me
cant see the forest
through the trees
shot for the moon
fell on my face
Kick me into
outer space

Seems everyone
just bothers me
landlord wants too
set me free
my old car
was towed away
it gets worse
every day

Been down so long
looks like up to me
Burned by the blues
in the third degree

baby bye bye

Written By: Tom Dudley

Good bye Baby
Baby bye bye 2x
When I see you again
my my my

First time I saw your face
You know it drove me mad
And I knew I had to go
Made me feel so sad

For a moment you
held my hand
then it slipped away
You know it really
tore my heart
When I had to say

You gave me
them little winks
and they were
something else
and I knew
I wanted to stay
now its on the shelf

When You gave me
that great big hug
Chills came over me
knew I didnt want to go
but I had to say

Time To Play(At the Beach)

Written By: Tom Dudley/Paul Opalach

Time to Play

What a great day
Dawn is breaking im on my way
Caddys Buffed Ready to fly
Hit the Highway doing 75
Favorite song leading the way
Going to the Beach Its time to play

OH Yea!

Closer I get I see all the Girls
Tall thin Short My head starts to swirl
Almost hit a car in the rear you see
That lil old lady flashed a finger at me
Favorite song still leads the way
move over baby its time to play

At the beach got to find a space
I Walk a mile to get to this place
Then the bikinis give a nice view
all these choices don’t know what to do
Now my ipod is leading the way
Gotta get there baby its time to play

You need some help with that baby?

Whats your name?

Where's my sunscreen?

Suns so hot I forgot my flops
Running cross the beach to grab a spot
See a hot girl
She catches my eye
Almost fell over a real big guy
And my song continues to play
Told the man have a nice day

I didn’t mean it man

I Just lost my attention span

Play that guitar

Watching the ladies
put on a great show
Now it's time for me to go
Stand in line
I wash off that sand
want to get home
gonna catch a band
Now it's time for me to say
Can't wait for tomorrow
So I can play

I'm gonna come back to this beach Baby
Hope your here
and you too
Wow How bout you
i got some sand in my shorts

You cant' take it with you

Written By: Tom Dudley/Paul Opalach

In the land of
Milk and Honey
Everyone is trying
to get more Money
And a blind man can see
Most of them have
more than me
Got to let it go
you cant make enough
and cant take it with ya

More they make
The less I got
Guy like me
don’t have a shot
Dough Keeps Rollin In
I cant Take
The shape im in
One thing that I know
you cant make enough
and cant take it with ya

Moolah, Bread
Sheckells Guineas
No matter how I say it
It just escapes me
World go round and round
Chump change
Is all I found
Got to let you Know
you cant make enough
and cant take it with ya

Repeat 1st verse


I Like it a lot
Released march, 2010

2011 Released Singles

Time to play
Ain't No Stopping Louise
Can't take it with you
Profile Pic
Park My Shoe's
You ain't All that
Burned By the Blues

2012 Singles

Bad Habit's Released

Beautiful Angel
Can't Take my Soul
Poor Boy
One More Song
So Good that it's bad

I'm Coming Home for Christmas (WestChester All Stars compilation cd raising funds for wounded Veterans)

All Released song's
Available on Itunes and CD Baby

Set List

Blues , Funk, Rock and Roll,Soul music and R&B

Eric Burdon,Tom Jones, Elvis, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Solomon Burke and the list goes on and on. Mixed with a lot of our original tunes

Want the Blues we rock them, we funk them and we soul them

The one thing I we will bring to all these tunes is our own style and flair that will entertain and have the audience wanting more

Standard set would be 1 Hour+