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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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"Blues Buddha CD Review"

I give this CD's, my highest rating, Five ***** Excellent CD... Thoroughly enjoyed them... Highly Recommended...

With Blues Buddha's debut CD, "I Like It A Lot", Tommy Dudley doesn't ask you politely to get up and dance, no once you hear his music, it will tear you off your seat and point your feet towards your best dancin' shoes.

"I Like It A Lot" is a Jumpin' Boogie Blues good time and one of the best such releases for 2010, by far.

John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

A debut CD from the rough and tumble New York blues singer, Blues Buddha aka Tommy Dudley. A infectious musical gumbo of Blues, R&B, Boogie-Woogie Piano and amazing guitar playing.

Tommy Dudley, aka the Blues Buddha, is a rough and tumble blues vocalist who, in his own words, has “picked up stylistic influences from people he admires and mixes them into his own musical gumbo. “

Eclectic influences include: R&B artists Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding, the straight-ahead blues, rock and soul of Eric Burdon and Tom Jones. The Blues Buddha is a popular figure in the NY Metro area club scene and performs at multiple venues several nights per week.

“The Buddha is Back! To know The Buddha is to love his unique, infectious havin’-a-good-time style. If you’ve never seen these guys, you’re missing out on one of the most fun and exciting Blues acts in the Tri-State area.”
Jeanie and Rich Credidio of 12 Grapes Restaurant in Peekskill, NY

“Buddha got a Voice So big You swear he wouldn’t need a Mic!”
Dave Fields, Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine

“It’s all about an awaking of the Spirit. I hope the Blues Buddha brings that message to the Blues. So let me lift your Spirit and Rock your Rooster. Come on and do the Buddha Boogie with me.”


1.Like I do 2:27
2.Break my heart 2:51
3.Better at hello 2:59
4.Buddha boogie 4:07
5.Don't Worry 4:53
6.Give and take 3:27
7.Morning song 3:43
8.Trouble 2:41
9.I like it a lot 2:42
10.Low Cotton 5:08

Listen To Samples Here

About Blues Buddha

Everyone has their time and we all travel different roads to get where we have to go. Music has always been a passion for me. I've had it in my heart and soul, but because of challenges and struggles in my life, I moved away from it. About ten years ago I went through a very tough time with someone close to me. I spent most of my days in hospitals and doctor's offices, and at night I decided to spend my time singing in studios and at jams sessions. Singing became my means to cope with my pain and frustrations and I believe it kept me centered and saved my life. I wasn't into the Blues at that time. I was always into R&B, Soul and Rock, but wherever I went, people wanted me to sing the Blues. When I sang, the Blues just poured out of me. Nothing ever felt so natural. One night I walked into a bar and someone yelled, "It's the Buddha of Blues!" and the rest is history.

Since then I have been a devoted student of the Blues listening to, learning from, and playing with some of the best players in New York and around the country. I bring my R&B, Soul and Rock gumbo to the Blues and make it my own.

In January of 2009, I got together with Scott Staton of Stoopid Daddy Records and we began writing seven original tunes for this new project. We then collaborated with Denny Leroux of Storm of the Century Music for the final three songs. Over this past year, we recorded with Larry Alexander at his studio, with a group of super talented musicians and produced a new CD called, "I Like It A Lot". Just completed, it's time to share our original sounds with everyone. I'm very proud of it and I hope you enjoy it too.

Although I am not a Buddhist, I believe that the Buddha's concept is an important part of my music. It's all about an awaking of the Spirit. The Blues Buddha brings that message to the Blues. So let me lift your Spirit and Rock your Rooster. Join my journey and share my Blues.

Come on and do the Buddha Boogie with me!
- Blues Underground Network

"Blues Buddha I like it a lot cd Review"

At his live shows, I'm sure the introduction might sound something like this... "Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together and welcome to the stage Mr. Tommy Dudley, the Blues Buddha . However, looking at this strapping, statuesque being, I can't help but think it should sound something like this..."Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner, standing 6'6" an weighing in at a very muscular 297 lbs, the reigning World Wrestling champion, Tommy 'The Blues Buddha" Dudley". However, that's not how it goes, and thankfully it's his fans he's giving the blues - not his opponents.

The musicians appearing on "I Like It A Lot", which I indeed did, are nearly enough to fill a Zip Code. Being a firm believer of giving credit where it's due, I'll now do my best to mention them all. Joe Piteo, Eddie "Sticky" Crucy, Howie Lucero, Larry Alexander and Alan Childs, although never simultaneously - all play drums; Likewise for Al Payson, Mike Garner, Jeff Ganz and Scott Stanton on bass, and Gil Parris, Chip Larison, Denny Leroux, John "Johnny Feds" Federico, Scott Stanton, Ronnie Mirro and Matt Rae on guitar. Slide guitar is played by Stefan Wildman , Keyboards are played by Scott Stanton, Sax and harmonica are played by Hank Logan, and the background vocals are sung by Scott Stanton, Nicole Hart, Gail Newman, Susan McMahon and the Blues Buddha Band.

Because of the wonderfully written lyrics, and the intensity at which they're sung, Blues Buddha just runs away with this one. Who would have figured that "Better At Hello", a melancholy ballad, would be his strong suit. This is my interpretation of what "songs of the year" sound like.

Sometimes all you gotta do is just say the name of a song. "Buddha Boogie" - need I say more? Now I know that got ya thinking swiftly sung vocals, frantic rhythm, rocking piano, and lots of hip shaking, right? There ya go!

I'm having fun just thinking of the fun it sounded like they were having while recording this one. There's a party going on in the background with lot's of very melodic, in time, hand clapping and the musicians are nailing a groove. I'm probably on my eight or ninth replay right now with several more very likely coming up. With the help of strong background vocals, the big guy sings his heart out on this one. Add several smoking sax interludes and some frolicking at the keyboards and you've got the disc's best track right here. "Don't Worry", once you listen, you'll have a good time as well.

I had no "Trouble" liking this track, a duet featuring Tommy and Scott. It reminded me of a place I strolled by on Bourbon Street about 25 years ago. It was midday and I heard some great barrelhouse piano being played inside. I walked in and wound up spending the day there. That piano player happened to be none other than the great Allen Toussaint and on this track, Scott Stanton sounds just as great.

I doubt anyone could listen to this track and not want to say "I Like It A Lot". This one's a virtual runaway train fueled by some of the disc's best - and fastest - rhythm provided by Alan & Jeff. With Denny, John and Scott wailing on guitars and keyboard and the background babes giving Tommy a push on vocals, the train just gets faster and faster. This one's gotta pack the dance floor at live shows.

Other tracks on "I Like It A Lot" include: "Like I Do", "Break My Heart", "Give And Take", "Morning Song" and "Low Cotton".

For more on the Blues Buddha, and to pick up a copy of the disc, check him out at While you're there, tell him that if he ever needs a tag team partner that the Blewzzman is available. I can hear it now......"In this corner weighing in at a combined weight of 650 lbs, the "Bearers Of The Blues".

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @
- mary4music

"Blues Buddha I like it a lot cd Review"

Blues Buddha - I Like It A Lot
Stoopid Daddy Records Ltd.
Upon receiving this record and seeing the moniker Blues Buddha that Tommy Dudley has adopted, as well as his hulking presence on the cover shot, I'm thinking here comes a half-baked novelty blues trip. Au contraire mon ami. When you pick a name like Blues Buddha, you better be good or be prepared to be laughed out of bluesville. Not much blues here per se, but just teaming with easy rolling r&b flavored goodness bolstered by the Buddha's hearty and pleasant pipes recalling the vibe of rockabilly crooner Sleepy LaBeef. I'm SO glad I like this CD, this guy could crush me like a grape.
The interchangeable cast of players provide a tight, solid groove. Nothing earth-shaking, they just know how to fill all the gaps. Keyboard player Scott Staton, the only constant throughout, is a boogie-woogie piano God. He also contributes capable organ when needed. Joe Piteo's shuffle-drumming on the lead-off track "Like I Do" portends the instrumental proficiency that is to follow. Various guitarists execute blues, blues-tinged or rockabilly-meets-blues riffs as required. Dudley's throaty but warm vocals carry off the songs right on the money.
All tunes are band originals that include some catch-phrase lyrics. "Take It To The Bank And Cash It" comes from "Break My Heart" that is kicked off with an intro stolen from Graham Parker's "Heat Treatment" and is used throughout the song to good effect. Buddha's theme song "Buddha Boogie" bounces along nicely, aided by more great shuffle-drumming, rockabilly guitar and boogie-woogie piano. Not the strongest thing here, but works as a theme song. The specter of Sleepy LaBeef appears in Buddha's voice and delivery on the slow-burner "Better At Hello", a lament a lover who has problems staying. "Give And Take" is a seamless r&b workout where the gritty vocals shine. The organ of Scott Staton takes a spotlight turn here too. It's only Buddha's voice backed by barroom boogie-woogie piano on "Trouble". Dang this guy can surely beat the crap out of the keys. A rushed beat provides the tension on the title track, an ode to his girl. The program closes out with the bluesiest song "Low Cotton", with only the backing of guitar, piano and harmonica. The slow blues bemoans his woman troubles to great effect.
It's a nice feeling when you get more than you bargained for. Barring a few minor flaws that can be addressed on the next effort, this Buddha is more fun than.........well......a barrel full of Buddhas. Better production can provide stronger backing vocals and a less artificial horn sound, but this is something I'll have no problem keeping on my stereo for a long time to come.
Reviewer Greg "Bluesdog" Szalony hails from the New Jersey Delta. He is the proprietor of Bluesdog's Doghouse at - Blues Blast Magazine

"Talking to Blues Buddha" - American Blues Scene

"I Like it a lot Reviewed by Mark Thompson"

I Like It a Lot

Blues Buddha
Stoopid Daddy Records, Ltd.
10 tracks/35:05

Tommy Dudley, alias the Blues Buddha, hails from the metro New York area. From the sound of this recording, listeners in that area should be glad that this energetic singer is plying his trade in their backyard. Dudley has a brawny voice with a powerful, rich tone that dominates the proceedings. He doesn't need to push his voice as it naturally seems to fill the room.

The instrumental backing comes from a roster of musicians that changes from track to track. The one constant is producer Scott Stanton, who supplies all of the keyboard parts as well as guitar or bass on several cuts. Stanton also co-wrote six songs with Dudley and another with guitarist Denny Leroux. He gets all of the credit for “Give and Take” while Leroux is the sole writer of the remaining two tracks.

The disc is full of swinging beats and easy-on-the-ears tunes that mostly examine the downhearted aspects of love, as exemplified on “Break My Heart”. Dudley takes his time describing a new relationship that will no doubt end badly for him. On “Better at Hello”, Dudley sings with a harder edge as he apologizes for leaving after at a night of passion. Dudley really cuts loose on “Don't Worry”, shouting and whooping over the driving beat while Hank Logan adds some honking saxophone. The best example of the Blues Buddha's vocal talents can be found on “Trouble”. Accompanied by Staton's barrel-house piano and bass, Dudley is in complete control, singing with an unhurried ease that contrasts with his tale of constant personal misfortune. Another highlight is “Low Cotton”, a low-down blues that closes the disc with another hard-edge vocal from Dudley while Ronnie Mirro and Matt Rae trade guitar licks.

A couple of tracks come up a bit short. “Buddha Boogie” is a jumpin' theme song musically but the lyrics are light-weight compared the rest of the disc. The same is true for “I Like it a Lot”, the requisite up-tempo boogie number. And the playing time is a bit short by today's standards. But overall, the Blues Buddha and his friends come through with enough good stuff to make this one a worthy listen. There's no doubt that Dudley has the kind of voice that command's your attention – and I'm willing to bet that is really true in his live performances. Go to to sample tracks on this release.

Reviewed by Mark Thompson - Crossroads Blues Society

"CD Review by Roger Z"
CD Baby

CD review by Roger-Z (06/16/07)

I was chatting between sets at the Cafe Rio in Mammaroneck, NY, when the band kicks in and this commanding, muscular, bull dog of a voice rips me from my conversation and rivets me to my seat. Pretty amazing considering I've heard "Hoochie Koochie Man" a million times. That's the power of Tommy Dudley, a.k.a the Blues Buddha. We talked for a short while and he handed me his EP, "Blues Buddha." Talk about coming prepared!

Like his live performance, this potent record hijacks the listener and never relents. Backed by top shelf NY studio musicians Benny Landa on guitar, Kenny Aaronson on bass, Paul Triff on drums, and Tommy Mandel on keys, Blues Buddha rocks the blues with a powerful urgency that absolutely enthralls the listener.

Picture a mix of the classic Johnny Winter, Bruce Springsteen, Animals, and Foghat and you get an idea of the power generated. These men play with vigor and authority. They transform aging, blues, work horses ("Boom Boom," "Bring It On Home," "I Hear You Knocking," "I Just Want To Make Love To You," and (Hoochie Koochie Man") into seething rock 'n roll. Start with Paul Triff laying down a no-nonsense classic rock beat. Add the throbbing bass of Kenny Aaronson. Layer on the thick-as-molasses keyboard of Tommy Mandel. Spike it with the imaginative, hard-rock guitar of Benny Landa. And place it all under the command of Tommy Dudley's ferocious vocals.

In essence, this group follows the formula laid out on the first Steppenwolf album. I remember the chills I got the first time I heard John Kay sing "Hoochie Koochie Man." You feel the thrill here. Classic rock and blues will live forever. - More Sugar

"Big City Blues Oct/Nov2008"

Buddha got a Voice So big You swear he wouldnt need a Mic. - Dave Fields/ NYC Blues

"'I like it a Lot" Blues Buddha CD review December 23, 2010"

The first thing that jumped out at me was this booming, powerful voice. Tom Dudley, The Blues Buddha, is definitely a very talented singer with incredible range. He seems to float all over the place from Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Country. His thundering voice most definitely fits his Buddha-Like physic.
The lyrics are very catchy and this is without a doubt, one extremely talented bunch of musicians. The boogie-woogie piano and sax work throughout fits like a glove and I really like the stepped up feel of this release.
The song "Buddha Boogie" may seem a little cliche at first but give it a chance to kick in, that tune simply rocked my socks off. I loved the shuffle drum beat applied by Eddie Crucy and Mike Garner carries the lower end with some terrific bass lines, he is all over the fret board on that one.
I didn't find anything I didn't like on here and this is as good as any first blues release I've heard. In fact just as he says on the title track "I Like It A Lot". How can something sound old and new at the same time?
I'm going to give this a 5 blue note rating.

December 23, 2010
By Glen Casebeer/Northwest Music Scene - American Blues Scene

"A Great Entertainer"

“Tom is a great entertainer in all that that means. He sings beautifully with a great voice, energy and feeling. His singing is powerful and his rapport with the audience is excellent. Don't miss his gigs.” - Robert G. Neaman

"Great Sound!"

“Great Sound! Great Energy! From hearing Tommy sing in the past, I knew his CD would be great. - Patti, PM Music Productions

"A Rich, Luscious Voice"

“Tommy's just great. He's got a rich, luscious voice and strong stage presence. He sings standard Blues but gives them a more modern edge, some grit and Funk. He’s got pro swagger and is also down to earth. He’ll crack you up too.” - Katie Ulanov

"Buddha is Back"

Sat, Jan 31, 9:30-12:30 - The Blues Buddha (Blues)
The Buddha is back! To know The Buddha is to love his unique, infectious havin'-a-good-time
style. If you've never seen these guys, you're missing out on one of the most fun and exciting Blues acts
in the Tri-State area. Come see Tommy dance with the crowd and get the whole place in a groove. - 12 Grapes ad

"CD review by Victor Zumel"

"…Recording, production and mixing are excellent… very professional musicians who do splendid work. [Tommy's] voice sounds powerful, convincing and [he] sings with great feeling. I am sure the band [receives] great feedback [from] the audience… Finally, the band sounds tight and teamed. Great stuff!!" - Lahora Del Blues online Radio show


I Like it a lot
Released march, 2010

2011 Released Singles

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Ain't No Stopping Louise
Can't take it with you
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Park My Shoe's
You ain't All that
Burned By the Blues

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Bad Habit's Released

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Can't Take my Soul
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One More Song
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I'm Coming Home for Christmas (WestChester All Stars compilation cd raising funds for wounded Veterans)

All Released song's
Available on Itunes and CD Baby




The Blues Buddha band explores every style of blues.They will entertain you with rock,funk,soul and or standard straight up Blues.

Do you like Boogie Woogie piano?
Hot Guitar leads?
Powerful Vocals?
Do you believe that the Blues are the Roots and the rest are the fruits?
Do you like to have fun?

The goal of the band is to awaken your spirit to a full Blues experience.

Tommy Dudley
Tommy a/k/a The Blues Buddha is a rough and tumble blues vocalist who, in his own words, has picked up stylistic influences from people he admires and mixes them into his own musical gumbo. Eclectic influences include: R&B artists Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding...(the) straight-ahead blues and rock and soul of Eric Burdon, Mitch Ryder, Elvis... and Tom Jones.

Musicians in his band include Al Payson on Bass,Tyger Macneal on Drums, Chip Lairson and Ron Mirro on Guitar and Scott Staton on Piano. Other players include Joe Piteo on Drums,Peter DeHoff on Piano, Johnny Federico on guitar

He has shared the stage and worked with with many local and National talents including Peter Calo, Dan Cipriano, Clifford Carter,Jon Corbert,Al Orlo,Myles Mancuso,Adam Roth,Gil Parris,Dave Fields,Billy Gibson,Joe Louis Walker, Roxy Perry, Jim Moran,Nicole Hart,Benny Landa,Kenny Aaronson,Tommy Mandel,Paulie Triff,and "Sweet Poppa" Lou Donaldson and many more

A finalists for The New York Blues and Jazz Society IBC Battle of the Bands held on Sept 28th 2010.

CD "I like it a Lot" picked in their top 50 by Real Blues Magazine March 2011

In January of 2009, together with Scott Staton of Stoopid Daddy Records Tommy began writing seven original tunes for a new project.They then collaborated with Denny Leroux of Storm of the Century Music for the final three songs. Over this past year, they recorded with Larry Alexander at his studio, with a group of super talented musicians.

Joe Piteo (Nicole Hart Band, Gil Paris Band)
Al Payson (Grammy winner,Jose Feliciano Band, Blues Buddha Band)
Gil Paris (Blood Sweat and Tears, Grammy Nominated)
Jeff Ganz (Roy Buchanan,Johnny Winter Band,Grammy Nominated)
Alan Childs (David Bowie, Rod Stewart)
Johnny Feds Federico (Johnny Feds and the Bluz Boys, Roxy Perry)
Matt Rae (Arlen Roth Band, Moose and the bullet proof blues band)
Ronnie Mirro (Roxy Perry, Nikki Armstrong and Mojo Freddie, Blues Buddha Band)
Nicole Hart (Nicole Hart Band, The Shades)
Mike Garner (Blues Buddha Band, Duchess Di and the Distractions)
Eddie Sticky Crucy (Blues Buddha Band, Duchess Di and the Distractions)
Denny Leroux (Storm of the Century Music)
Larry Alexander (Recording Engineer worked with Bruce Springsteen and a Grammy Winner with Janis Ian)
Scott Staton (Charlie Musselwhite, Room Full of Blues, Blues Project)
Chip Lairson (Blues Buddha Band, The Catfight Blues Band)

The CD”I like it a lot” was released in March 2010. It has received airtime around the world.

Released Seven Singles in 2011

Currently in the process of releasing a new CD in 2012

Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine
By Dave Fields/ NYC Blues
Buddha got a Voice So big You swear he wouldn’t need a Mic.
You don’t have to be religious to love the power of “The Blues Buddha”. His croonings will leave you in a soulful trance while his giant voice will engulf you in the best zen blues.

Blues Matters Magazine Dec 2010
Pete Innes
Dudley's husky, genial vocals hit the spot perfectly. Rounded, feel-good up-tempo jazzy ‘Like I Do’ sets the bar high from the start and it’s all good thereafter.
If you love your 12-bar Blues as much as I do, you’ll rave over ‘Low Cotton’, a sweet bar-room boogie
Buddha is a big guy with a big voice, from the Big Apple