Blue Scholars

Blue Scholars

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandHip Hop

Blue Scholars call their music “cinema art rap.” They are a different type of hip hop group. They do it all. They have opened for big well known rap groups and have played all over Seattle.


DJ/producer Sabzi and MC Geologic are the Iranian DJ/producer and a Filipino rapper otherwise known as the Blue Scholars. They make records and play live shows. Since 2002, Blue Scholars have been based in the 98118. They wanted to focus on hip hop in Seattle which was mostly a rock place.

Blue Scholars react to real events in real time—with music that sounds fresh because it is.

These dudes have performed in over 400 shows all over the United States.


Albums Blue Scholars (2004) and Biyani (2007), as well as the EPs The Long March (2005), Joe Metro (2007), BUTTER&GUN$ (2008), and OOF! (2009).