Blue Screen Love Scene

Blue Screen Love Scene


Blue Screen Love Scene is an unapologetic dance-pop band by way of Atlanta and Athens, Georgia. Formed in October of 2007, and featuring members of Another Broken Vehicle, Engineering and Teenwich, this 3-piece proves that their new wave-influenced sounds stand out with a sharp, electronic edge.


Long-term friends, Richy Ferrell and Matt Sapp, decided one day that they wanted to form an electronic band as a fun side project. Richy, (having previous experience as a guitarist), and Matt, (known around Athens, GA as a bass player) just needed one final thing: a singer. Lauren, a friend of Richy's, was introduced as a vocalist and soon after, the three quickly became an Electro-pop trio with one goal in sight: to make music that the kids would want to dance to.


Dish it Out
Cheetah Belly
(I'm a) Scientist

Set List

Dish It Out
From Here
Little Fin
Cheetah Belly
(I'm a) Scientist
Beat Bot
Dark Matter
Hong Kong Garden (Siouxsie and the Banshees cover)