Bluesdogs are a high energy Blues and Blues/Rock band from Tulsa, OK. With original tunes and covers ranging from John Lee Hooker to Joe Bonamassa and over 20 years performing experience from each member, the 'Dogs bring a professional show that takes no prisoners!


The Bluesdogs is a collaboration of 3 seasoned musicians brought together by chance. Three musicians whose varied individual experiences blend together to create a forceful, driving, blues sound.

Guitarist/Vocalist Mark Dickenson began playing at age 12 and by 15 he was gigging in the Tulsa area. At the ripe old age of 17 Mark was approached to join the ‘80’s metal band that Vocalist/Bassist Bryan Wallace was a part of. With the addition of Mark on lead guitar, this band began touring regionally, playing venues in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas. During this time, the band opened for such acts as Pat Travers, and Kub Coda & Brownsville Station.
After going their separate ways, as musicians often do, Bryan found himself in Los Angeles, then in Dallas, where he played in various bands, while Mark pursued his musical opportunities in the Tulsa area. When Bryan returned to Tulsa, he and Mark reunited in several bands, trying to capture a blues sound that they both gravitated toward as they got older. These bands enjoyed varying degrees of success, but none quite found the groove the guys were looking for. Until a chance meeting at a birthday party ultimately led to the formation of The Bluesdogs.
The events that led to that chance meeting were put into motion 6 years ago when Drummer Kent Swepston moved to the Tulsa area.
A lifelong Kansan, Kent began playing drums in school in the 4th grade and got his first drumkit at 14. Primarily self-taught, he was more interested in playing a groove than in playing flashy licks.
Over the years, Kent played in several blues, rock and country bands in the Wichita and McPherson, Kansas, area. He had the most success in the blues bands, opening for Buddy Guy, Lucky Peterson, Kenny Neal, and the Chicago band Big Shoulders.
In 2000, Swepston moved to the Tulsa area and began looking for blues players. He played briefly with Calvin Youngblood but did not pursue gigging seriously until meeting Mark Dickenson at a child’s birthday party.
It was at this birthday party that the seeds for The Bluesdogs were sown. Through casual conversation over cake and ice cream, Mark and Kent discovered a common past in performing and a common interest in the Blues, but both had little faith that it would lead to anything……………..until they played together.
The rest, as they say, is history. With the addition of Bryan Wallace, The Bluesdogs came into being and, with their influences ranging from SRV to Led Zeppelin to ZZ Top to Pat Travers and Joe Bonamassa, they have an aggressive guitar based blues sound that is a consistent crowd pleaser.