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"WDNA 88.9 FM (Miami, FL)"

"Mark Telesca's agenda is being met, by just being himself" - Charlie Kaufman

"98.7FM (West Palm Beach, FL)"

" These guys really deliver and live up to all the hype!" Great band! - Andy Preston

"The Palm Beach Post"

" When Telesca decided to form his own blues band a year ago, the
singing bassist wanted something different. Boynton Beach based
Blues Dragon succeeds in that regard on a few levels - some
intentional ; some not. - Bill Meredith

"New Time Magazine"

." While blues purists might attempt to find fault with the blending of styles (as well as the modernizing of classic songs), Blues Dragon lends an element of technical superiority to the mission that should quiet such criticisms. 1906, 2006 — it's all good - Dominic Siranni

"The Bamboo Room"

"Blues Dragon will Slay you down on the Killing Floor" - Russell Hubbard

"The Palm Beach Post"

" Blues Dragon breathes fire!" - Bill Meredith

"New Times Magazine"

John Boyle showcases some outstanding jazz flute chops on the Son House composition "Preachin' the Blues." - D. Sirriani

"2009 SONG OF THE YEAR!!!"

Introducing The 2009 "THE BLEWZZY AWARD" - by Peter Lauro (The Blewzzman)
~The 2009 BLEWZZY Award~

As usual, a lot of music was sent to us this year and I believe I may have set a personal record by reviewing 40 discs. Some of the artists were virtual unknown bands - familiar only to their local following - and others were Blues Music Award and Grammy Award Nominees. Some were from my back yard here in Florida and others were from all over the world.

Again this year, the BLEWZZY AWARD - an award I give based solely on my personal favorites of all the music I've reviewed - will be given for the "Best Song" and the "Best CD".

There were way too many songs that deserved honorable mention, so on this category I'll just cut to the chase. The runner up for "Song Of The Year" is Cee Cee James for her wonderful work, and all too true lyrics, on "White Picket Fence".

And, the 2009 BLEWZZY AWARD for "Song Of the Year" goes to Blues Dragon for their absolutely phenomenal work on "Livin' On Death Row", from their "Blues Dragon" CD.

- Pete Lauro

"Read Review of Blues Dragon's New CD!!"

~Blues Dragon~
"Livin' On Death Row"


By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
© June 2009
The South Side of Chicago may be famous for it's blues bands, however, there's another south side that's rapidly becoming synonymous with that claim as well. That would be the South Side of Florida. When it comes to very good blues bands, the South Florida blues scene is brimming with them. As a matter of fact, the area is the home of two recent IBC winners and it's this writers opinion that number three will one day be delivered through the talents of Blues Dragon. Remember where you heard that.

Blues Dragon, the band, is made up of: Mark Telesca on Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Bass; Mike "Big Dog" Hundley on Electric Guitar & Dr. Sample; Tony "The Reverend" Monaco on Hammond B3, Piano & Background Vocals; John Boyle on Harmonica, Alto Sax, Flute & Background Vocals; Fred Weng on Acoustic Drums, Percussion & Trumpet; Rico Geragi on Congas, Bongos, Roland V-Drums & Handsonic, Muse "The Freddy" Receptor, Percussion & Background Vocals. The Violinists on "Living On Death Row" are Pat Monaco and Lyndsey Brown. An interesting array of instruments played by an equally interesting ensemble of musicians.

"Blues Dragon", the disc, is the bands second self titled release. It's contains twelve very well performed tracks of which eleven are very well written band originals.

The opening track is about a place that may sound familiar to some of us - the bottom of a "Bottle Of Gin". It's a great track to open with in that it features, and introduces the listener to, everyone in the band. The rhythm's intense, with great B3, guitar and sax highlights. This one's a sure sign that there's lots more good stuff ahead.

The "Electric Chair" or a long stretch in prison? Tough choice? Not for Blues Dragon. The title tells you their take. No pun intended, this one sizzles. It's a lightning fast track featuring some of Mike's best guitar work, John blowin' smoke outta the harp, and a lot of attitude from Mark on vocals.

Although untraditional for them, Blues Dragon gets a bit traditional on "The Kiss That Said Goodbye". As it usually is the case with these slow and low down blues songs, the emotional and soulful vocals and scorching guitar leads tend to be the highlights and Mark and Mike nail those roles on this one.

"I'd Do Anything" to see someone sit still for the two minute length of this track. As short a time as that is, it just won't happen. Tony and Fred, on the B3 and drums, will see to that. This one's real hot stuff.

"Don't Get Me Wrong" is a musical masterpiece. It's a blend of blues, jazz and funk that makes several interesting changes. It features Mark at discs best on bass, beautifully rhythmic percussion from Rico, mellifluous flute from John and very steady organ from Tony.

"Living On Death Row" has to be eerie and that's the perfect word to describe this track - eerie. It's lyrics paint a very dark picture, that when combined with the intensity and emotion that Mark puts into the vocals, will send chills through your body. It's almost easy to overlook the level of force that the rest of the band is playing at, while their music translates the pain this story tells. It's disappointing for me to think how many people may never get to hear this amazing piece of work.

Other tracks on "Blues Dragon" include: "Loves Fool", "I Got The Blues For You", "This Train", "Blackest Woman", I Just Want You To Understand" and "Crocodile Shoes".

Do yourself a favor by going to and getting your hands on a copy of this disc. While there, do me a favor and tell the guys the Blewzzman sent ya.
Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro - Pete "Blewzman" Lauro


In April of 2009 Blues Dragon released their first studio CD. Titled "BLUES DRAGON" . The Artwork on the cover is an original design by world renowned artist Bruce Helander. True to form, this disc is packed full of original storytelling songs. The band has been fortunate enough to win 2009 "SONG OF THE YEAR" for their song "LIVIN' ON DEATH ROW"!! You can read more about their New CD in the "Reviews" section of this press kit.

Blues Dragon recorded their debut CD "ALIVE AT THE BAMBOO ROOM" on July13, 2006. This is a recording of thier first performance. This Recording has sold several thousand copies and continues to sell well on line and at their live shows. "Alive at the Bamboo Room"
Features the songs of:
Son House
Blind Willie Johnson
Bessie Smith
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Louis Armstrong
Willie Dixon

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Blues Dragon began in March 2006, and all the members of the band have been a constant on the South Florida music scene for over a decade. A real home grown find, their musical associations with each other go back over ten years.
Each member having learned their craft, honed their skills with some of the finest musicians in the rock & roll and blues industry. Not only does each member share a fondness for the music they grew up on, they also have a true love for the most traditional music ever to be recorded.
During their live shows, Blues Dragon delivers their unique interpretations of early american blues and folk songs dating from the 1890`s thru the 1940's. When the band first form most of their music was from the pre WWII era, the band does deliver some Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, and the 1950's sounds of Chicago blues.

Blues Dragon has since evolved into a Rock Blues original band with two very successful CD's under their belt, a third CD on the way and hundreds of live performances, there is no telling where the Blues Dragon Train is going to stop.
While each member is sitting in kitchen chairs, they create a real “down home” feel while simultaneously rocking the house. With over 200 songs in their repertoire and growing, the band can keep the same audience interested night after night.
Lead singer/bassist Mark J. Telesca, switches from acoustic to electric bass while telling stories and history of the blues.
Do not be fooled by the name, this is not your typical blues band. Blues Dragon is a truly unique musical experience that takes the most common of things and makes it different

Blues Dragon was 1st runner up at the "International Blues Challenge" in 2008 and 2009.

The song "Living on Death Row" was awarded a BLEWZZY AWARD for 2009 "SONG OF THE YEAR"!!!!!!!