Blueshift is a danceable rock band with elements of blues, funk, grunge, pop and reggae. Their lyrics are socially conscious. Their sound blurs the lines between genres. Blueshift appeals to all ages. Their catchy melodies and soothing rhythms will leave you happy.


Blueshift was conceived when Jared and Waylon started playing guitar together at age twelve. More than a decade later, the two have teamed up with drummer and vocalist Tim, and bass player Alex. Waylon and Jared collaborate on many of the songs, and Tim writes others.
Blueshift's sound is very eclectic and varied, ranging from rock and pop to reggae, funk and hip hop. It could be that their upbringing on the Russian River in Northern California, with its wide variety of peoples and cultures, played a part in their sound. As they met and experienced all different kinds of people and environments, so their musical tastes became very wide.
Their influences include:
Bob Marley, The Foo Fighters, Sublime, the Grateful Dead, Stevie Wonder, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, Jack Johnson, the Strokes, the Police, Pearl Jam, Jurassic 5, and Ben Harper, to name a few.


Blueshift has not released any official recordings, but some tracks have been recorded and used for demos and for online streaming:

We all Belong
Golden Sun
In My Own Way
That Something

Set List

Blueshift typically does two 45 minute sets, but can do one or three:

We all Belong
That Something
In My Own Way
Watching the Detectives (Elvis Costello)
The Yesmen
These Daze
These are Times

Just Begin
Be Now
Dirty Machine
The Seed 2.0 (The Roots)
5th of May
Happy Later
Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder)
Golden Sun

Dr. Gorgeous
Badfish (Sublime)
Jailhouse (Sublime)
Four Leaf Clover
The March
Lets Stay Together (Al green)
Miss You More