A unique blend of college rock, blended with Jah dropping reggae, ass shaking funk, and consistently superb songwriting.


Alternative rock, blended with Jah dropping reggae, ass shaking funk, and just a touch of hip-hop. Their unique blend of college rock coupled with their consistently superb songwriting makes them a force to be reckoned with in the underground music scene.
Their recently released debut album, Dirty Machine, at a whopping 15 tracks, has received rave reviews. Corky Laing of 70's super group, Mountain, says the songwriting on the album, "speaks for itself." When asked about their wide range of musical influences, Blueshift responded, "Any music we feel passionate about naturally becomes an element of our own unique style." Blueshift formed in the summer of 2004 when childhood friends Jared O'Connell and Waylon Nicholson wanted to start a band together. After recruiting Tim Qualls for drums and Alex Izzarelli for bass Blueshift set out collaborating on a batch of songs, and fine-tuning originals already written by Jared O'Connell, Tim Qualls, and Waylon Nicholson. In the summer of 2005 Blueshift added Nick Tudor to the band on saxophone, and keys to give Blueshift the full sound that is has today.


Dirty Machine (2009)

Set List

Blueshift has over 25 original songs (and counting). In each set you will hear approximately 1-3 covers, depending on the length of the set.

A typical Blueshift setlist would look something like:

In My Own Way
Dirty Machine
Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder cover)
Wounded Man
5th of May
We All Belong
Happy Later
That Something
Watchin' the detectives (Elvis Costello cover)
These Daze
Be Now
Night and Day
Four-Leaf Clover
The Seed 2.0 (The Roots cover)
These are Times