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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Blue Skies At War"

September 10, 2004
Yet another band to bridge the hush-hush ties between emo and nu-metal, Blue Skies At War have produced an album whose sound is likely to appeal equally to fans of Thursday as well as fans of radio rock groups such as Three Days Grace. With their aim centred squarely on the angst-ridden teenage set, lyrics such as "I don't know if I'll be there when everyone you love turns away from you," can be as much a piercing arrow as a painful cliché, depending on your point of view. A few truly inspirational musical moments can be found throughout, such as the driving rhythm and fractured guitar of "Another Hero Dies," and the powerful screams of the band's triple vocal assault help anchor the "singing" portion of things. Guaranteed to win the band new fans on numerous sides of the musical fence, You Pour is an important release for a band who have been working long enough to deserve the break it will give them.

- Sam Sutherland

"Five musicians come together to create the final band."

When the band set out to record their big release after two EPs, they were delayed by the unbelievable: a drummer with two broken hands. However, the casts were left behind and they put forth their first, of what looks to be a few to come, full-length album on Curve Music. Their angst-filled lyrics will fulfill the cravings of teenagers everywhere. This rock band from London, Ontario sings about the hardships of growing up with great passion, melody and an edge, all at once. The reason this CD will do wonders? It's what everyone wants to hear, but it's all the truth - Fraser Heights, Surrey

"Most punk bands are dime a dozen, but Blue.Skies.At.War give you more"

You can't throw a dead cat without hitting a group of guitar-wielding guys
trying to define themselves in the nebulous landscape of post-hardcore
and, after a while, it can all start to sound the same. Although
Blue.Skies.At.War give you what any other angry-but-well-meaning rockers
would (chugging guitars, gruff vocals with a bit of screaming), when they
do it well, as in the case of the lurching-tempo jackknife of Better
Time, they knock it out of the park.
- FFWD Magazine


Forever EP 2002
You Pour The Gasoline, I'll Light The Match 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


BLUE SKIES AT WAR formed in the bitter winter of 2001 after the almost simultaneous break up of three local bands from London, Ontario. Vince Zerdzicki, Jake Seaman, Chad Stewart, Ryan Mills and Trevor Gervais, five longtime musical peers were given the opportunity to come together with one goal - create music at all costs. Each member, having spent years playing in bands, was looking for the same thing, to be a part of the last band they would ever have to join. All coming from different underground roots the musical style would turn out to be a flawless blend of all those influences, rock, emo, punk and hardcore.

Crossing these genres and escaping the boundaries of any one scene BLUE SKIES AT WAR are able to connect with anyone who simply enjoys passionate music. Shortly after the group started playing together they could not resist going to record the music they were making and the forever e.p. was born on a budget of around $300. This four song e.p., with three acoustic interludes, was recorded in two days and became the fuel for the bands first trip on the road. Shortly after their return home they went back in to the studio and began work on their next project. This e.p., a more mature and well rounded collection, is where the band started to find their sound.

It was at this time the band took every opportunity to play shows and stay on the road, all the time writing songs for their first full length album You Pour The Gasoline I’ll Light The Match. When the time came and the band was ready to return to the studio, they hit a somewhat self-inflicted speed bump. A week before going back to their familiar and affordable friend’s studio, guitarist Ryan Mills broke both his hands. This put a hold on recording and the band was forced to make certain sacrifices. After a shedding of casts, girlfriends, jobs and college diplomas, BLUE SKIES AT WAR went into EMAC studios in London, Ontario and in a few short weeks came out with a crushingly beautiful CD that made every sacrifice worth while. You Pour The Gasoline I’ll Light The Match opened a number of doors for the band and they began work with upstart label Curve Music.

Since the band’s initial inception, a short two years ago, they have independently released two e.p.s and are now set to release the new full length album You Pour The Gasoline I’ll Light The Match on Curve Music. They have toured extensively in their home province of Ontario and have recently returned home from a trip across Canada. All the band wants now is to get back on the road and continue spreading their music. "This band is our hearts, our souls, everything we've ever believed in. As for comparison there is none...everyone is equal, ideas shared, bonds made to never break."