Blue Skies For Black Hearts

Blue Skies For Black Hearts


Great pop music in the vein of early Elvis Costello, The Beatles, The Kinks, and Roy Orbison.


“We're making pop music the way it should be made,” lead singer and songwriter Pat Kearns says casually as he returns to the board to mix “Siouxsie Please Come Home”, the premier track off Serenades and Hand Grenades, the brand new 12 song LP from Blue Skies For Black Hearts. Release is scheduled for May 20, 2008.

This, the band’s fourth full-length release, began with mudding sheetrock, painting walls and hanging baffles, turning the back rooms of local guitar shop, Centaur Guitar, into PermaPress Recordings, a modern-day Brill Building and Kearns’ new studio. The paint on the walls had barely begun to dry when Kearns, bassist Kelly Simmons, lead guitarist Michael Lewis and drummer Paul Noel began clocking in nightly, working up arrangements to songs that Kearns had often written earlier the same day. Within two hours of a song's introduction, it was hashed out, rehearsed and basic tracked.

With the advent of digital, today's artists frequently pile their computers with hundreds of tracks and takes, hoping time, reflection and deft editing will produce a masterpiece. Blue Skies, while embracing the functional advantages of modern recording technology, self imposed many of the limitations that fueled the creativity of rock and roll for the last half century. Decisions were made on the spot, focused primarily on feel and melody. Instruments were recorded live with ambiance and real plate reverb instead of relying on digital plug-ins later. Harmonies were worked out around the piano, moments before the entire band gathered around a single, tube microphone to sing the takes together. Nothing was ever added to tracks that needed to be “worked out later in the mix” - a common method of the digital generation. From the first time this record spins, you will feel the same intimacy and attraction that fans have longed for since the Brits invaded America (both times), Stiff Records scoured the pubs for talent and Creation Records saved rock and roll.


Serenades and Hand Grenades (May 2008, LP)
Songs receiving airplay on satellite and college radio: Siouxsie Please Come Home, Sweet Valentine, Someday There Will Be Better Days, and Ambition.

Love is not Enough (October 2006, LP) Here Comes the Rain and Otto received college and satellite radio play. Here Comes the Rain was also used for a Nike promo.

Turn the Light Out (June 2006, LP)

This Black Heart is Gonna Break (December 2002, LP)

7" single limited addition: Jenny and Steve/Pretty People (March 2007)

Set List

Our typical setlist runs approx. 45 minutes. We currently are rotating 27 songs through the set, but most shows play between 12 and 14 songs (our songs all run around 3 minutes) We know tons of covers but rarely play them in our live set.

Typical Set:
Jenny & Steve
She'll Follow Me
A World Without Love
Siouxsie Please Come Home
If I Wanted You Back
I Still Wish That You Were Around
Pretty People
Someday There Will Be Better Days
You're Like Lead
Truth and Love
Here Comes The Rain
Another Day