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Ten Mile Dive
By Ollie
Published June 22, 2006
[Hometown from previous weeks]

Album: Tripping the Breaker (2005)
Artist: Ten Mile Dive
Label: self-released
Where available/ price: Free at or
Songs: 1) Opaque 2) Lies 3) Too Late 4) Believe
Band: Chris Boggeln, vocals, bass; Ian Gladd, guitar; Noblik McArthur, drums
Extra info: This promo album was produced by Rob Hill of Powerman 5000. A full-length LP is scheduled for release later this summer.

Ten Mile Dive is a mixture of pop punk and mainstream emo, yet the sound is heavy at times. The pop punk and emo nuances come from the lead vocals; they aren't whiny or high register, they're more like Tom Delonge from blink-182 or Paul Reubens (when he's not doing Pee Wee Herman).

What's a little more mainstream emo-ish is the pace and rhythm of the guitar work. "Opaque" is reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World's "Sweetness." In "Believe," the guitar drifts to the heavier side but never treads into, say, Tool territory.

One other thing about the band: they are freakin' talented. Every note is crisp, every mark is hit, and the drum work is precise and in a few instances as quick as an assault rifle. The pace is sophisticated, with stops in the beat, lowered talking voices, and quiet moments that give way to the quicker, louder guitar and drums.

Unlike the pop-punk and mainstream bands mentioned above, Ten Mile Dive doesn't have catchy hooks in their songs. There are choruses, but they don't stand out as noticeable or something to sing along with. To break into a bigger scene, they'll need to punch up the hooks and differentiate their sound from that of other low-level national bands. But, they've put together a nice group, and if they keep it together and mix some things up, they could open for big acts. -


2007 - LP - "What Say You"

2001 - EP - (Ten Mile Dive/7-2-1) "Tripping The Breaker"

Both LP's have received local radio airplay and continued interest and downloads from iTunes and



Originating approximately 7 years ago, BSB (formerly known as Ten Mile Dive) has released two albums and were voted San Diego's Favorite Local Band recently. Their latest album, "What Say You," was released on Olive Drive Records in Spring 2007 and has been well-received. BSB has pioneered Alter Ego rock, and is considered the lead group of the new genre. The prolific songwriting of guitarist Damon Millard emphasizes his classical training, and the lyrics composed by Noby McArthur, Chris Boggeln, and Damon highlight years of battling the SoCal music scene, and a sage sense of poetry and melody. BSB's members have been influenced by such bands and singer/songwriters as The Cult, STP, Van Morrisson, G n R, Pearl Jam, Johnny Cash, Soundgarden, Jane's Addiction, Fugazi, Bad Religion, Duke Ellington, Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground, Television, New York Dolls, The Stooges, Black Flag, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and many others. And BSB thanks those amazing groups for their talent, influence, and continued support of the arts. Noby, Damon, and Chris have been working together for several years, and welcome the newest member, bassist Jon Robershaw, to the fold. All members work full time at both their day jobs and with their music, supporting their families and their creative pursuits. One of the greatest things about BSB is that their live shows absolutely shread - and even those who have never heard of BSB get into their pulsating shows! Blue Sky Blonde has a great synthesis of artistic purity, hard rock fun, and dedication which makes them solid, interesting, and unforgettable.