Bluesky Borderline

Bluesky Borderline


5 musicians who have been on the toronto scene for years formed up to create a well thought-out indie-rock band with jazz elements that differentiate ourselves from the crowd. Screaming solo's, a great stage presence we bring something for everybody to like


Our influences range from hip-hop (RJD2, Big L) to jazz (Thelonious Monk, Ornette Colemon) and everything in between. We all met at the Art Highschool we attended and instantly we came together as a band, now after four years of gigging around toronto we have decided to pick up our acts and do something with ourselves.


Released an EP titled "Coin Laundry" in 2006

Set List

We have a lot of songs in the bank and our sets can be short, hard and fast to long with ballads intermingeld. we do strictly originals. in total we have about 2 hours of live playable music.