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"What People Are Saying About Blue Sky Down"

"Blue Sky Down have an awesome sound and what it takes to go all the way..."
Randell Box
Artist Relations

“Great up-coming stars with a unique sound.”
Rom (Nova Scotia, Canada)

“the best Rock Band on Myspace…”
Rosie (Los Angeles, CA)

“Great songwriting. Very strong, memorable melodies ...a very sweet mix of hard edge and tasteful melody and harmony.”
James (Toronto, ON)

“(Blue Sky Down) play with a passion that is deep in their souls.”
Deb (Germany)

“This band has ‘a certain something’, not mention some wonderful music… These guys are strong all around. From the way they manage their business activities to the wonderful music they create.”

“Thanks for this gift that is your music… It’s great that I had the opportunity to meet your art… I love the way you express your deepest feelings in a song!”
Fernanda (Mexico)

“…the songs sound amazing!”
Shi Star Entertainment

"Blue Sky Down = LOVE!... You guys rock my eeeeffin nickers!!!"
Chelsea (Hamilton, ON) - Various

"Blue Sky Down Prepare Assassination – Sort Of"

Blue Sky Down Prepare Assassination – Sort Of
By Marla Evans

I must admit that I like to interview real people. People that don’t come across as though they have rehearsed the answers to every question that they know I am going to ask them. I like to hear an interviewee pause to mull over the question. I like it when they ask me to repeat it, not because they didn’t hear me but rather because they want to give it some more thought. When I sit down to an interview I want to think that I’m talking to an actual person. I’ve done my fair share of interviews and while many of them have been with genuine people, a few of them, I suspect, have been with robots. When I sat down to discuss Toronto-based band, Blue Sky Down’s latest musical venture I was relieved to get a genuine conversation.

After releasing their debut CD entitled Radio Songs in 2006, Derek Lucier (Vocals, guitar), Scott Lucier (guitar), Chad Philips (bass) and Fabio Salerno (drums) are now gearing up to release their follow-up effort, tentatively titled The Character Assassination of Madilyn Easthope.

With clean vocals and a familiar pop-alt sound, Blue Sky Down is currently playing as many shows as they can, says Derek. When asked what listeners might expect from Character Assassination, Derek tells me that the new songs are “kind of mean,” meaning that the lyrics honestly reflect difficult situations that he and his band mates have experienced throughout the course of their lives. “The sound is better now for sure,” Derek says, explaining how Blue Sky Down’s music has evolved between the productions of their first and second albums. “I’d say it’s more edgy,” he adds “and it’s definitely way more melodic.”

When we discuss personal influences, I am surprised by Derek’s choice of music. “My favourite band is Hum” he confesses, “It’s a band that no one has ever heard about.” At this point I make reference to one of their CDs, not quite letting it slip that the song Stars, the third track on their 1995 album entitled You’d Prefer an Astronaut, was a childhood favourite of mine. Derek makes reference to Hum’s 1997 release Downward Is Heavenward, citing how even though he has listened to the album close to 2000 times there are still intricacies to the songs that amaze him. He continues, telling me that those intricacies are the sorts of sounds fans can come to expect on Blue Sky Down’s newest collection. While Derek confesses that some of Blue Sky Down’s newest material was perfected in nearly fifteen minutes, he admits that there are other songs that the band “keeps coming back to.”

While their music is continually evolving, as the sound of many new bands is, the quartet is trying to get the word out to fans that might be interested in joining them for the ride. Blue Sky Down will be playing at Scores Sports Bar and Grill on July 21 and will be returning to Windsor for a second show on September 8, when they will be playing the Coach and Horses.

For more information, check out their music or visit them at
- The Lance (University of Windsor)

"Blue Sky Down – Featured Artist for September"

Blue Sky Down – Featured Artist for September

The one thing about ‘being Independent’ is simply this – pretty much everyone who is, would rather have already made it somewhere. Being Indie is hard work, requires an unbelievable amount of dedication and perseverance. It demands that you rely not only on those around you but also, on yourself. Striving to attain higher goals and fulfill aspirations is not for the weak of heart, mind or soul.

In our search for the inaugural ‘Featured Artists’ we reviewed many submissions. The ones that influenced us the most were chosen. This band had what we call ‘a certain something’, not to mention some wonderful music.

We are very pleased to introduce, from Toronto, Ontario – Blue Sky Down. Comprised of brothers Derek Lucier (Vocals, Guitar); Scott Lucier (Guitar, Vocals); Chad Philips (Bass, Vocals); Fabio Salerno (Drums).

In an effort to get to know 'Blue Sky Down' better, we asked a few personal questions, starting with relationships. We expected the usual responses and for the most part, that is what we got: 'Fabio and Chad have girlfriends and Scott is engaged.' 'I (Derek) have never had a good relationship, which is where I get my inspiration for lyrics.'

Derek moved to Toronto 9 years ago to start the band that is today 'Blue Sky Down', instead, he ended up joining a previously formed band with Scott and Fabio. 'I guess we put off putting this band together for almost a decade, I think that it was good that we waited' commented Derek. 'I went through some things that changed my outlook on life. Things that made me honest about how I feel about things and myself, which I hope comes across in the lyrics. The songs we write are what my journal would say if I had one. They range from topics about suicide to things you're not happy with in your life (Gameface) and losing someone you loved completely.'

'Blue Sky Down' is a relatively new band but that doesn't mean that they haven't come a long way. Marketing a band is certainly one of the toughest assignments in the entertainment industry. The ban's approach to this is both dedicated and innovative: We're so new right now that we haven’t had much experience booking this band. We don't have management yet either. What we are trying to do is create a buzz by playing all ages shows and by giving out demos. Our demo is literally a CD of songs that you can download on our website. Each time we play, we give out a couple hundred copies and we encourage people to burn it and pass it along to a friend. The response has been very good. Hopefully by planting the seed, someday we'll be able to eat the fruits.

Obviously, the band has the were-for-all to understand what needs to be done to successfully drive a project of the scope of 'Blue Sky Down' they also have the ability. We wanted to know a few more things about this band, in particular how they are funded. As it turns out, this band isn't a whole lot different from most Indie Bands today, their funding comes from their day jobs. Scott is an audio engineer, Derek a graphic designer, Fabio a psychotherapist and Chad is a computer programmer. 'We don't have any grants or anything since I'm (Scott) into recording we didn't really need help to fund the record. When we release it, and we're still looking for distribution etc. we'll be applying for grants and loans for marketing and tour support.'

It takes more than simple good luck to get anywhere in the music industry today, we felt ‘the boys’ could offer some advice to others going down the same road as they are. From Derek’s point of view, "some good songs and the right people behind you to give extra support. A good work ethic and friends in other cities so you can sleep on their floors. Scott shared this thoughts as well: 'There are so many bands out there who have been successful without a major label. Some have been wildly successful without any label at all. Look at 'Rush' - no one would sign them so they ended up having to start their own label. Look at what they've done, they are legends. I think Derek's right when he says work ethic. Rush made it because they didn't give up, just because they were rejected by every label out there. They believed in it and made it work.'

So what do the people at Ignition Live like so much about this band? Of course, we like what we hear as well, on this one, we went with our gut instinct. These guys are strong all around. From the way they manage their business activities to the wonderful music they create. We found their music was complete and ranged the spectrum - for the ballad type lovers there is 'Letters' and for a bit more edge, we liked 'Things we used to love'. Well worth the listen. We look forward to being able to catch this band live in the near future!


Radio Songs, 2006



At a time when Rock music has already seen incredible revolution, it is invigorating when a band can deliver a characteristic sound that defies the trends. By merging a unique rendition of Rock's raw energy with emotional toil, a new band has broken through with a sound that hits emotions on all planes.

Toronto's Blue Sky Down combines sophisticated arrangements with heartfelt lyrics. This is a band with a long history of experimenting with pop. A discriminating ear and a passion for new sounds have worked well for this talented foursome.

While their debut album, Radio Songs, appeals to any die hard rock fan, relatable lyrics will ensnare poets and pop fans alike. "There's no sugar coating anything here," confesses Derek Lucier (vocals, guitars). "The best music comes from being honest and we don't want to pretend to be something we're not. The things that have really happened to you are the things that the audience can relate to best because they've happened to them too."

Derek's honest lyrics are complemented with pounding intricate drums, heavy guitar parts with character, raw moving bass lines, and catchy melodies. All elements are fluidly arranged to create a powerful whole. Some tracks simply blend into each other. In all, the album offers a resonating full-circle feel.

I'm a complete perfectionist, laughs Scott Lucier (guitars), who engineered and mixed their just-released album, Radio Songs. I'm a bit fanatical sometimes, seeking that perfect sound. Scott's determination has served the band well. Radio Songs is shaping to become the group's greatest success so far.

Such a cohesive energy results from a shared mindset amongst bandmates. Raw feeling drives every element, reaching a pulsating core. Fabio Salerno is a drummer who, while technically present, plays with feeling. He pounds out a beat that is soulful, spirited, and funky. Blue Sky Down's newest member, Chad Phillips (bass), adds an experimental, playful energy to the group.

Scott, Derek, and I have played in bands together before, so we knew each other very well, says Fabio. When we were looking for a bassist to complete the line up, Chad walked into the room and the chemistry was instantaneous. All our personalities clicked, which is the most important element a band can have.

Yeah, we got right down to business, chimes in Chad. I'm really impressed with their work ethic. Theyre real professionals. True to Chad's word, Blue Sky Down has made a practice of perfectionism. They've done the homework, sweat over the details, and recorded a genuine, hard-hitting album.

Only too often is it said that the glory days of rock music are over. With contenders like Blue Sky Down on the scene, the rebirth has begun.