Sharon Yvonne Newport (aka Shar-Baby), was born in South Bend, IN 1952. She was given the name “Shar-Baby” by an aunt in Greenfield, TN. Her father was a gospel singer in the later 40s and early 50s. As a child, Sharon loved to visit her aunt Rosie, who dated Little Walter, in the city of Chicago in the early 50s. Sharon received her first guitar at 11 years of age. With the “Beatles” as inspiration she learned how to play.

At 15, her music teacher heard her voice and asked her to join their band “Check-Mates part II”. After six months she formed her own band called, “Soul Sensations” which played rhythm & blues. She was only 16 at the time. The band played dozens of gigs for two years. After her first band broke up, Sharon and her sister, Sunshine, formed an R&B duet group called, “Braylock Sisters”. The two of them performed around South Bend for fifteen years. With some of her free time, Sharon performed with Lonnie Woods, a musician the played with “JR Walker & the All Stars”.

In 1992, Sharon moved to Pensacola, Fl. She was featured in blues festivals at Seville Quarter, and Flora-Bama Lounge plus, numerous clubs in Pensacola and surrounding areas.


"The Blues My Way"