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Trace Baker - Vocals/Guitar - Originally from Cresson, PA, Trace toured with Dallas, TX based band Trick across the country in the early '80's. A desire to write & perform original material prompted a move to Los Angeles where she showcased with bands Kings & Queens and The Trace Moran Band. In 1993 she made one of many trips to New Orleans and realized that Blues was her true love. Moving back home to PA in 1996 she performed with "Felix & The Hurricanes" and a new version of The Trace Moran Band. Trace feels she's found the musical home she longed for with the boys in BluesMoon!

State College Drummer Andrew Jackson keeps the Rock, Funk & Blues beat for BluesMoon and performed with the Earthtones Reggae Band for 15 years. He has performed at The Bethlehem Music Fest, with the Urban Fusion Jazz Band at Arts Fest, The People's Choice Festival and The Juneteenth and Blair County Festivals among numerous others. Andrew is also a regular at Bar Bleu Tony's Big Easy with The Andrew Jackson Jazz Showcase Band as well as with BluesMoon. He also played Joey Defrancesco, Papa John Defrancesco and Johnny Defrancesco Band in 1982.

A journeyman guitarist, Scott's been in the music business for 35 years. Besides lead guitar duties with BluesMoon he performs regularly with Sunbury local band "Jesse". Getting his start in the '70's as a roadie for the band "Telepath" he taught himself to play by watching what the guitar player did onstage and emulating it. Now a teacher himself at the Eclectica Gallery in Selinsgrove, he has 20-25 students at any one time. Scott also plays periodically with Ann Kerstetter & Friends, backs up Frank Fedele's "Orbisonia" Tribute show, and performs acoustic shows with Bryan Noaker.

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Written By: Trace Baker/Chris Baker

Tell you a story
'Bout a woman out on her own,
Walkin' the land, Clint Eastwood in drag
Spoke in a civil tone
Don't ask for explanations of her wrath
She got no smile if you cross her path

Her man left her hangin'
Tattered dreams sat undone
Cursin' his soul and bidin' her time
Got her hands on a cold-heart gun
To some she was crazy
But try to understand
Justice was somethin'
She held in a tremblin' hand

Now think of a reason
A woman can lose her mind
Pack it all up and sell it all out
Just for a chance to find
The most satisfaction
A girl could ever have
A way to get even
Without goin' quite mad

Rock hard was her blue-steel gaze
And level she held her eyes
She'll tell you her mission
I don't think you'll be surprised
Sweet Revenge


We have a 5-song CD that we offer at venues. We are currently working on a CD or original songs. Trace Baker has recorded an 11-song CD of original music that was recorded in Los Angeles that will be offered soon at our website at

Set List

Revenge - BluesMoon
Waitin' for the Meltdown - BluesMoon
Blue Train - BluesMoon
Song For Roy - BluesMoon
Firewall - BluesMoon
Fell for Love- BluesMoon
The Wicked Truth - BluesMoon
The Spy - BluesMoon
Private Lesson - BluesMoon
Outlaws - BluesMoon
Push Me - BluesMoon
A Losin' Battle - BluesMoon
Night is Done - BluesMoon
Carnival - BluesMoon
Fallin' - BluesMoon
Fell in Love with a Boy - Joss Stone
Grits Ain't Groceries - John Mayall
Right Train, Wrong Track - Kenny Neal
Higher - Sly & the Family Stone
Cold Shot - Stevie Ray Vaughan
At Last - Etta James
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around - Stevie Nicks
Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin
The Thrill is Gone - BB King
Stormy Monday - T-Bone Walker
Knockin on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan (Reggae)
Them Changes - Buddy Miles
Summertime - Gershwin/Joplin
You Shook Me - Led Zeppelin
Come to Mama - Etta James/Seger
Chain of Fools - Aretha Franklin
Feelin all Right - Joe Cocker
Take Me to the River - Eva Cassidy
Key to the Highwa