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"Instant Favourites: BLUESPOON. A set of Australian blokes who are out to rock London to the core."

Go up to any of the staff at any of the Belushi’s bars or St. Christopher’s Inns in London and ask them about bluespoon. Before you can finish rounding off the second syllable you will be bombarded with such an unabashed enthusiasm and such a gushing endorsement you’re bound to be hooked before you even hear the first note.

bluespoon are Steve McCabe, 25, and Shaun O’Neill, 27, both of Melbourne, Australia. Although, as fate would have it, the duo were complete strangers until about a year ago when they met while working at St. Christopher’s Village. And a year is a remarkably short time for any artist to generate the kind of resounding buzz that surrounds bluespoon. But what is truly remarkable is that these guys didn’t start playing together until about four months ago. When they did finally break out their guitars to play, the two styles were totally complementary and the good stuff they were each doing alone instantly clicked into an amazing duo act.

These guys play the kind of music that just makes you feel good. It’s that acoustic, rock-y, pubs, pints, mates and 4am sing-a-long kind of music. It’s the kind of music that makes you feel like home – comfortable, welcoming and familiar. That familiarity comes from the theme resonating through out all their songs, one of love. But, love without the self-pity of a country song, the unattainable perfection of a pop song or the blast of revenge that metal delivers. Just that real, rock n’ roll, heart aching, this is the way love goes kind of music.

Since their initial impromptu jam session these Aussie boys have been steaming full speed ahead. Both had been writing music seriously for a decade or more and their first challenge was to change up the songs into a bluespoon sound, matching vocals and adding harmonies. In the last third of 2005, bluespoon has: recorded their first EP – Bottled Thoughts, established themselves as a regular house band for Belushi’s and St. Christopher’s, thrown together a professional looking website, cultivated a solid fan base, and already set their sights on European and North American tours.

Onstage these guys absolutely captivate their audience with the passion and energy they pack into each set. The bluespoon hits are all there, interlaced with acoustic anthems from the likes of Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, crowd pleasers from Lynard Skynard or quirky antics covering Brittney Spears and Christina Aguliera. . It’s also not unusual for old originals tend to creep up from Shaun’s days as a comedy musician with ‘The Dodge.’ A trip to London isn’t complete without checking out the up and coming bluespoon at your favourite backpackers party pubs.

So, keep an eye on this spot for all the latest updates on bluespoon gigs at your favourite pubs. Check back often as these guys are an absolute must see. If you can’t handle the cravings and you need to get a taste of the genius that is bluespoon you can sample the boys sound at All of the tracks from their five-song EP, Bottled Thoughts, are available for download or you can purchase your very copy through the site. Recommendations? Check out ‘Around,’ the chorus has such a strong hook
- Live Your Life


EP - Bottled Thoughts
1 - Pick Me Up
2 - Confusion
3 - Around
4 - Into Day
5 - Grow Old



Spearheaded by Australian singer songwriters Steve McCabe and Shaun O'Neill, bluespoon has taken its talents all over the the world having played in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada at various venues and festivals. Steve and Shaun met in the UK in early 2005 playing sold out shows just 2 weeks later, performing at various backpackers generating fans from all over the world, who have been known to travel long distances to catch the latest show.

The boys chose to move to Toronto in 2008 and take on North America, this is where they met Ayron Mortley (formerly from The Mahones), a multitalented musician who, after touring the world with The Mahones, decided it was time for something new and began his role as bass player for bluespoon. Ayron then later introduced Dennis Lambert to the mix, an extremely talented drummer who was just back from touring with the Airplane Boys supporting Snoop Dog... and bluespoon was born.

Bluespoon is a rocky, catchy chorus, sing along, poppy, pour me another pint and sing me another song kind of sound which was created through the bands love of acoustic and rock, and highly influenced by bands like Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Pearl Jam, Ben Harper, Oasis and Eric Clapton to name a few.

Success in Canada was proven when asked to move to bigger stages like the Opera House, Lees Palace, the Horseshoe Tavern, The Rivoli and the Mod club.

The boys have been busy building there Canadian fan base with a 3 year stint at the popular Underground Garage, and grabbing the attention of 102.1 the Edge DJ Adam Ricard who is constantly supporting the boys with on air shout outs and is eager to get his hands on the new bluespoon EP.

Having just finished 3 new tracks in the studio for their upcoming EP, bluespoon will be attacking the airwaves with a big Radio Campaign, followed by a tour throughout Canada and the USA, with dates to be announced shortly keep your eye out for bluespoon