Austin, Texas, USA

Gloriously eclectic blues-drenched psychobilly band, playing original compositions and a few select covers. Accordion, trumpet, sax, bass, drums, guitar and a really big voice.


They gathered in Austin. They came from many parts of North America, each following their individual dream to make sounds pleasing to their own ears and to the ears of others.  They play music in a style first popularized by African-American entertainers in the early 20th century.


The Die Is Cast

Written By: Clifton Tipton

Seven came eleven thirteen times today
Black cat bone and turpentine make it go away
Feel the dark clouds growing stronger every day
The die is cast, hard times comin' on.

Blood-stained photographs, children in the sun
Riding to Jerusalem, wrong end of a gun
Never saw it coming, the fire has just begun
The die is cast, hard times comin' on.

A thousand years, it's always been the same
Broken glass, a different name
The end is near, we're all insane
Comes the shouting man, the empty song
The restless mob, it's all gone wrong
Nothing new, we've walked this road before

The dog will bark, the wolf will howl
The future calls, the past is now
The die is cast, hard times comin' on.

The Storm

Written By: Clifton Tipton

What in the world was I thinking
I ain't been down this street in years
I was driving along, listening to your song
I took the exit, but I can't explain the tears

There's that old house that we used to live in
It looks happy that we're gone
There's no broken glass, they've cut the grass
And no one's fighting on the lawn.

Now the wind is blowing, I really should be going
I'm just afraid I might've waited too long
The years are multiplying, the light is slowly dying
If I don't leave now I'll never get home.

Well it looks like the storm is over
It hasn't rained like that in years
Old memories start this raining in my heart
That time will never disappear.


"You Want More" - CD 2010