Blues Shelter []

Blues Shelter []


A fusion of Jimi Hendrix meets Lenny Kravitz while carrying Stevie Wonder. Gritty blues/rock mixed with soul-full melodic motown funk, bringing together the best of the past 30 years music into 1 nutshell.. A truely unique sound and amazing live performance.


Formed in 2004 in the humid, smokey downtown Blues bars of Jakarta, Indonesia, The Blues Shelter are at the cutting edge of modern Blues music.
Their voodoo concoction of sound draws from Blues, funk, soul and rock to create a sound that is set to take the World by storm.
Their explosive live performances have gained a cult following and a reputation for leaving the crowd screaming for encores from Bali to Burnley and charismatic lead guitarist Gugun has been hailed as “Indonesia’s answer to Hendrix.”
Whilst living in the Far East, bass-playing Jon sought new avenues for his musical ambitions and in his quest to push the boundaries of Blues music, met local like-minded lead guitarist Gugun. The (then named) ‘Blues Bug’ Band was born.
Having played the circuit of Jazz clubs and festivals in the Indonesian capital for some time, Gugun had already developed quite a following of his own but, with their combined playing prowess, they created a sound unique in its own right.
As a trio with former drummer Isman (the boss man), their performances were soon recognized by Billabong who had them representing the surfing brand as their home band in backpacker’s paradise Bali.
The band were invited on four separate occasions to the world-famous wave-seeking yacht Indies Trader to play private gigs for the likes of seven-times World surfing Champion Kelly Slater and were present during the filming of audacious surfing video ‘Young Guns II’.
Their success was soon appreciated by the music market and at the end of 2004 they released their first independent album ‘Get The Bug.’
MTV Indonesia soon got the Bug and had two videos in circulation on their music channels as the band’s reputation began to flourish.
With the dawn of 2007 came the band’s most auspicious year to date.
Alongside new drummer Bowie – a highly acclaimed session musician – the Blues Bug released their second album ‘Turn It On’ on Sinjitos Records in 2007.
‘Turn it on’ was soon voted the voted #1 blues album of the year while lead guitarist Gugun was voted #1 blues guitarist in the whole of south east Asia in 2007 by MTV Trax magazine.
At this point the band realized the advantages of allowing their online fanbase to access their music and the 12 – track album was also made available to downloaders via has been a great success.
The Band were forced to change their name from the Blues Bug to Blues Shelter Because of an already established Greek band called the blues bug.
Their website, developed and maintained by Jon, has attracted online visitors from around the world and works to showcase videos of their live performances via video clips, inform fans of band developments and allows listeners to download their tracks.
But the group’s true love is playing live music and their burgeoning on-stage relationship drove crowds to hysteria at various Indonesian beach festivals including the annual Java Jazz festival where they whipped up such a storm they were immediately invited back and are due to appear again in 2009.
With Gugun and Bowie flying halfway across the globe to join Jon, the trio is embarking on another 12 – stop UK tour at the beginning of the year (2009).


Get the Bug - 2004 (Independent)
Turn it on - 2006 (Sinjitos Records, Indonesia) {available to download via i-tunes}

Set List

Generally prefer to play our original stuff but have a large repertoire of covers including 80% of all Jimi hendrix covers, 80% of all Stevie Ray Vaughan covers, plus loads of other songs by various blues artists such as: Robben Ford, John Mayer, Eric clapton (cream), Albert King, Albert Collins, BB King, Allman Brothers and buddy guy.

We have enough material for 5 hours of non stop music and we've been known to play for over 4 hours in some gigs!. We prefer to stock to the industry standard of 2x45 min sets but are quite prepared to play for longer.