Blue Star Creeper

Blue Star Creeper


Blue Star Creeper are an indie rock band who's lyrically driven songs feature the strong vocal presence of singer / songwriter Kelly Blanchard and the unique sound of Matteus Vaga's electric cello.


Blue Star Creeper are an indie rock band from Seattle, Washington formed in 2001. The sound is formed around lyrically thought provoking original songs, played and sung from the heart. The band is driven by the strong vocal presence of singer, songwriter, guitarist Kelly Blanchard and the unique sound of Matteus Vaga's electric cello. Andrew Linnemann's dynamic, sophisticated drumming and Warren Taylor's steady, melodic bass lines round out the rhythm section. Live the band delivers a diverse sound with positive energy that has been described as "Chamber Pop." Our goal is to move the mind, body and spirit of our listeners.

While we don't necessarily sound like them, we are influenced by bands such as Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Built to Spill, Patti Smith, P.J. Harvey, Guided By Voices, Morphine, U2, Jeff Buckley, The Who, Pink Floyd, R.E.M., and The Velvet Underground.

Seattle musician Kelly Blanchard has been performing and recording in the Seattle area since 1990 in previous projects such as The Somethings, Way Beyond, Yab Yum, The Meltdowns and recently Coriander (now Key Note Speaker). A certified sound engineer, he has also operated Cleopatra Park Audio Recording ( since 1995. As audio engineer for the cable access TV show "29 Live" and "the Small Stage" between '95 and 2001, he worked with hundreds of local musicians and was also a frequent performer. He makes his living teaching yoga and recording bands at his home studio.

Cellist Matteus Vaga has a music degree from West Pennsylvania State University, and while trained classically and in jazz, he has a passion for rock music. He has played locally in bands The Flames of Hell and Dermis, and has provided studio tracks for numerous local bands. He has also plays Finnish folk music, conducts a choir, occasionally hosts karaoke at local pubs.

Drummer Andrew Linnemann, a New Jesey native via the University of Vermont, was also in Yab Yum with Kelly in 1993 and 1996. Around that time he drummed in Bone Cellar and Happy Stars with Dave Mortenson, and recorded three full length albums. Andrew joined Blue Star Creeper in 2001 upon relocating to Seattle.

Bassist Warren Taylor is a 15 year veteran of the local music scene, seeing previous action in The Somethings, Pez, Coriander, The Meltdowns and Media Darlings.

Blue Star Creeper have recently released a 9 song self produced CD entitled "Years Go By" on their own label Hammer & Anvil Records. It is available at shows or exclusively from Our debut 5 song EP "Laurentia Fluviatilis" is also available at

We are currently at work in the studio on a new 11 song concept album. It's about relationships— of all kinds: social, environmental, societal, physical, romantic, alchemical and spiritual. The theme is centered around a group journey to place of epic natural beauty. The finished process will inculde accompanying projected visuals also in the works.


"Laurentia Fluviatilis" 5 song E.P. (Hammer & Anvil Records) 2002
"Years Go By" 9 song C.D. (Hammer & Anivl) 2005

Set List

We adapt each set to meet the criteria of the particular show, usually playing 45 minute sets of about 10 songs. We play all original music drawing on songs from our two previous releases and from our forthcoming 11 song concept album "Day at the Beach."