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Blue Steele

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Blue Steele is a cover band in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The group plays many genres including blues, country and funk, but the band's focus is on top 40 rock. Made up of members from various lifestyles and backgrounds Blue Steele is known for their stage presence and crowd interaction.


After moving from Brandon, Manitoba to follow his career in media, Kyle Chamberlain joined Blue Steele as their front man and manager.

The group has been playing steadily for the past two years and plan on continuing, "We play music because we love to perform and entertain," Jim the bass player says, "the day that it begins to feel like work is the day that I retire!"

On guitar is Dustin Kubi, who has toured most of North America. "Playing guitar with Blue Steele is just like playing the big stages and arenas, we have the same performance standards, " Dustin laughs, "the big difference is I get to go home after every show."

With an age difference of 30 years between the youngest and oldest member, the band feels that they can relate to any audience and serve up whatever music selection is right for the venue.

Matt Wojcik, the youngest of the four, provides the foundation of the music with skill far beyond his years.

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Set List

As a cover band, Blue Steele is always expanding their repertoire, which ranges from The Rolling Stones to Greenday, Steve Earl to Big & Rich, Elvis (Costello & Presley) to even Micheal Jackson!

Here's a list of some of the artist we cover:
The Eagles
The Kinks
The Bodeans
Tragically Hip
Jerry Lee Lewis
Steve Earle
Rolling Stones
The Black Crows
The Proclaimers
George Thorogood
Georgia Satellites
The Committments
The Guess Who
Van Morrison
Motley Crue
Johnny Cash
Elvis Presley
The Clash
Rolling Stones
Tragically Hip
Warren Zevon
ZZ Top
Bob Dylan
Van Halen
Hal Ketchum
Pearl Jam
Tommy Tutone
Neil Young
David Bowie
3 Doors Down
Collective Soul
Lenny Kravitz
Collective Soul
Finger Eleven
Bruce Springsteen
Chris Isaac
Billy Idol
Elton John
Billy Idol
Alice in Chains
The Doors
Kid Rock
Tragically Hip
Pink Floyd
Big & Rich
Elvis Presl