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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF
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"Bluestone Thrives On Siblings Bond"

"More than chemistry- it's a bond, and it's an appreciation for music that's just in (their) blood"
-Kim Mannex Vermette - Ottawa Metro

""Start What You Finished" Album Review"

"...jewel in the crown being Angie Russell's rocking, rich vocals. She pairs off with Ben Russell in singing and guitar duties, and the blend is infectious."
-Ken Simmons, Feature Editor - The Telegram

"Bluestone's Album Launch"

"Balls out, howling alt-rockers"
-Fateema Sayani - Ottawa Citizen

"Ottawa Band On Cross Canada Tour"

"..the band's stock (has) begun to rise. Their latest single, "Start Again", is featured on Much Music and they recently hit the road for a whirlwind tour..."
"Like any good band, the members are jacks of all trades. Hunter handles the media requests, not some manager miles away. This chat came from a parking lot in Miramichi - now that's what rock n' roll is all about." - The News

"Album Review- 8.5/10-Start What You Finished"

"As a unit Bluestone is very solid, but Angie is the break out element that will take this band to a new levels. Shecan flat out wail...She just lets her voice go, and it wraps around you, and you succumb...On "Music With You", you are totally under this siren's call" - Yorkton This Week

"Album review"

CD Review by Spencer Peavey
There's something quintessentially Canadian about
Ottawa band Bluestone's CD Start What You Finished. I've always held the belief that Canadian
rockers rock just a little bit harder than their US counterparts and are slightly less inclined toward commercialism. Bluestone do nothing to contradict my beliefs.

Bluestone is a fairly traditional hard rock outfit fronted by brother and sister team Ben and Angie Russell who share guitar and vocal duties. Holding things down are a powerhouse rhythm section
comprised of Sandy Hunter (drums/vocals), Ryan
Potter (Bass/Piano) and Steve French (Bass).
The Bluestone sound is firmly rooted in classic '70s hard rock and they seem to have gone to great
lengths to keep Start What You Finished true to the genre.

It's refreshing to hear a hard rock band who hasn't succumbed to the overblown production techniques currently in vogue.
Listening to the CD you definitely get the sense that Bluestone would
sound very much the same live.
Start What You Finished kicks off with the swaggeringly
heavy boogie of "Need It" which introduces both vocalists. Angie Russell is very much the
embodiment of the stereotypical "little girl with the
big voice", fitting somewhere between Heart's Ann
Wilson and Sass Jordan. The opening track also
serves notice that this band is not afraid of getting
Side One (yes, it feels like vinyl) continues heavily,
with a distinct boogie rock bent, driving the point
home only to be about-faced by the delicate "Music With You" -- a melancholy little number that may be a touch too middle-of-the-road, but serves as fine showcase for Angie's respectable vocal range.
Side Two (sorry, I can't shake that feeling) comes back with a vengeance. "Sing It" might be my
favourite track with its funky breakdown and exquisite
vocal improvisations, though I have to say it's a tough call.
I'm a big fan of old school hard rock and Bluestone delivers the fix without sounding anachronistic.
That's no mean feat.

As I've already mentioned, Start What You Finished has a very live feel to it -- you can tell Bluestone is
a band who love playing and I dare say they'd be fantastic in concert.
- Subrosa, Camrose AB


Latest Videos:
"My Love"
"Start Again"
Currently featured on MuchMusic

Latest Singles:
"My Love"
"Start Again"
"Find Me"

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Mike 105.1 (Montreal, QC)
CKCU 93.1 (Ottawa, ON)
CJVA Superstation (Bathurst, NB)
CIEU (Carleton, QC)
CIGO The Hawk (Porst Hawksbury, NS)
CKEC (New Glasgow, NS)
CKRH (Halifax, NS)
CJBE (ile de l'Anticostie, QC)
CIXF The Fox (Brooks, AB)

Latest Album Release:
"Admissions" (to be released in 2012)
"Bar Room Revelations" 2009
"Start What You Finished" 2008
Recorded at the world famous Phase One Studios (Toronto, ON)



Best known for their live shows, Bluestone`s sound forms unique rock that blends vocal harmonies, duelling solos, male and female lead vocals, and supported by a killer rhythm section. Bluestone is based in Ottawa and regularly tours Canada performing at clubs and festivals. The band is fronted by a brother sister combo that drives a musical synergy that is thicker than blood.

Ben Russell's powerful, raw vocals and driving guitar creates a perfect counterpoint to Angie's soul infused voice and her melodic, fiery solos. The two blended their sound into one dynamic, and unified rock display unique to Bluestone alone.

The bass sound of J-P Amyotte provides a deep, rich groove that punctuates the band's hooks and addictive sound. Sandy Hunter's stage energy and skill is constantly on display as he accentuates the band with his own brand of beats.

The band's combined two music degrees assist in their creation of intricate songwriting and infectious, addictive melodies to emphasize their poetic verses.