Blue Stone Walls

Blue Stone Walls

 Bournemouth, England, GBR

We bring together a unique blend of energetic, well crafted, solid tunes. It's hard to make comparisons to another band because the music is different to a lot of what you hear on the radio today. We try to combine the radio friendly side of modern rock with the more lively side that is often missed


Blue Stone Walls was formed in late 2010 but Adam, Sam and Robb have been playing music together in some shape or form for the last 5 years. This musical understanding is the basis of the band's sound: the solid, tight rock; combined with energetic, riff based radio-friendly side.
Playing live is really the focal point of the band. It is the greatest pleasure to be gained from playing music and Blue Stone Walls will attack any stage and give the crowd something to cheer about and move to.
Comparisons have been made tenuously to Kings of Leon, Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters. However none of these really fits as it is more a combination of these influences than a direct attempt to be like them.


EP - Recorded in one night at Toby's Studio, Shaftesbury by Tom Goblin.
1. Tell About Your First (Played on BBC Wiltshire Introducing)
2. Show Your Face
3. The Insight