Des Kennedy Blues Utopia

Des Kennedy Blues Utopia


Wow!! Great harp soloist. How does he do that? He plays all the great Blues tracks from way back and makes them his own with gutsy improvision.


I love the Blues but came across the Harmonica by chance when I had to purchase a music book to gift a friend. I saw the Blues traveller harmonica in the store and thought " How hard can it be to play this small instrument with ten holes if it has every thing I need to make music...I have'nt looked back since!! That was just the begening. I am influenced by: Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy, James Cotton, Junoir Wells, Eric Clapton, BB King, Elemor James, John Lee Hooker, Howling Wolf, and many, many other legends of the blues far too many to list the names of. I am a solo act and improvise a lot as I go along.

Set List

Sets go for as long as requested.