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Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | SELF

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | SELF
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"Blue Syndrome Single Launch Academy 2"

Blue Syndrome

Kiss the girl E.P. Launch

The Academy


Angela Macari O?Looney

Rock Indie band Blue Syndrome hailing from North Dublin are a quartet who were recently recommended to me. They were performing at The Academy for the launch of their new E.P. ?Kiss the Girl?, so I headed down to have a listen.

For such a young bunch of guys, this band has a polished sound. The lead vocalist Colm is a good front man who performs each song with great style, whether original stuff or covers. Band members are Colm ? vocals/guitar, Tom - Drums, Stephen ? Guitar vocals and Dan ? Bass/ vocals. They have been compared to Mark Geary and Paramore. Influences also include Foo Fighters, Muse, The Frames and Iron Maiden.

Blue Syndrome

The stars of the show proved themselves worth the wait when they opened their set with a plucky guitar intro for the first number; Sign which got a huge response from the cheerful and now sizeable audience!
They have a way with their song writing whereby nothing is left out. Perfect riffs and hooks and lovely harmony seem to come naturally to them. Beat picks up speed in this song and then you are into a choppy chorus with one particularly catchy riff constant throughout!
Their set continued with Concerned, Just another Day, Come Alive, Over and out, Everything Eventually, New song(untitled), Tomorrow I?ll be gone, My Heart(Paramore cover) and Kiss the girl. I picked out my favourites!

Just another day is fast with a lovely chorus. They really come alive for this one and so did the audience. The lead solo is absolutely outstanding!
Guitars do an in synch riff. They do a bit of ?I kissed a girl and I liked it?! Then they go back to the chorus ?You showed me the rest of the world tonight and I thank you for that!?

Colm tells the crowd about the single launch and that they did a live gig at their old school in Malahide this week, which was pretty awesome. I think they?ll be playing in much bigger venues than their old school very soon!

Over and Out

A fab chorus in this one! Stephen shares vocals with Colm. What a voice and a seriously talented guitarist too!
I could feel the power of this bashing number hitting me like a clap of thunder! There?s a lovely choppy beat, the melody is catchy with a sweet lead solo too! Huge reaction from the crowd here!

Everything Eventually

This song has nice chord combinations, distortion packed and a great chorus!
It?s an exciting and fast moving rock ?n? roll number with a cheerful and memorable melody. This like the previous song involved two of the lads singing it together and the harmony in the chorus and catchy refrains are superb! Very Jaded Sun sound!

No Name

Stephen introduced the next song which as yet hasn?t a name. It opens up with a distortion packed guitar riff. It changes from a fast beat to a choppier one and they play lots of minor chords to add drama. I liked this one which has a nice line ?So long, but I needed to be there tonight!?

Tomorrow I?ll be gone

This is the second song from the E.P. and is catchy, with acoustic guitar and a laid back tempo! The notation in the chorus is gorgeous and the beat alternates for the big dynamic Wait for me girl bit!
Guitar riffs divine and are done in synch with Dan?s baseline brilliant as in all songs!
There?s a pull back of instruments for the last chorus where Colm sings the first few lines, then gradually they come back in for a big crescendo finish!

They did a Paramore cover; My Heart!

Colm slides his voice up into falsetto for this. Pretty tricky but he handles it exceptionally well!
There?s a soothing rhythm to this number. Baseline is very noticeable and sweet. No drums here but Colm sings with great passion, doing it justice!

Kiss the girl

The big ?Wo oh? at the beginning of this song is the catchy part, to be followed by a sexy elaborate lead riff. Harmony is wonderful! A Powerfully sung verse! Distortion gives the fluently played guitars lots of oomph!
A lot of thought has gone into the arrangement of this song, with Colm singing the lead vocals and a constant refrain behind him for the chorus, almost like two songs being sung at the same time. They do a middle eight with the same idea of two separate refrains being sung in synch which makes it pretty special indeed! There?s a big sudden STOP!

Very effective before the final chorus which the crowd helped with. The roof was almost lifted off The Academy with everyone singing out ?Wo oh, wo oh?!

Colm introduced the new bassist Dan before they did the inevitable encore. This quartet has taken some time to tame and tweak in order to achieve what I hope will be the sound that Blue Syndrome stay with, because they are without a doubt a class act!

My Hero (Foo Fighters cover)

This has a really appealing chorus where everyone sings the line; ?There goes my hero? along with Colm. I liked this choice for an encore and felt it was a perfect hat trick to bring a superb evening to a close!
Four fantastic young acts provided one brilliant night?s entertainment!

Review written by: Angela Macari O'Looney -- -

"Blue Syndrome Single Launch Academy 2"

Blue Syndrome launched their first single off the forthcoming album ‘Over and Out’ last Saturday in the relatively new venue, ‘Academy 2'. Playing a day and night show in order to accomodate all of their fans, the day show was a part of probably the last ever Blast regional Finals, where Tallaght band Downhill were one of the bands voted to go through to the All-Ireland finals. I wasn’t there but the Syndrome boys told me it was a great turnout.

The first band on stage for the night show were ‘The Problematic.’ Unfortunately, only a small crowd got to witness a very solid performance. Frontman Gavin Wigglesworth had a voice as impressive as his name. As with most three-piece bands, something always seemed to be missing, but they certainly impressed most of the crowd i talked to after.

Next up were ‘Jon Dots’, described to me beforehand as “A mix between The Beatles and Audioslave”, I had to stick around to witness what had been described as “A hint of genius” by Hot Press. After such a build up I couldn’t help but feel a little bit dissapointed. They were different, but i couldn’t locate the ‘hint of genius’.

Last band before Syndrome were Heritage Centre. By this time, a fair gang of Goldenpleccers had arrived so I only got to half watch them. Their stage presence really shone through and every song sounded good. They seemed to making a lot of jokes on stage too, always a good thing!

Finally, the main act. By this time the crowd had increased significantly. Kicking the set off with ‘Over and Out’ the 4 piece flew through the set at a vicious pace. On the rare occassion of a break, lead singer Colm dedicated a song to their manager, Ruth, showing just how nice they really are!

The last song of the night was always going to be ‘Kiss the Girl’ (with the added backing vocals of yours truly!) However, when the band tried to leave the stage, they were made turn around and do ‘one more tune’, a cover of Foo Fighter’s ‘My Hero’. The excuse for not playing some older Syndrome was that the new bass player, who is really beginning to fit in well, hasn’t learnt the older songs yet!

Four great bands for a fiver, proving you don’t need to break the bank to have a good night out on a Saturday.

You can purchase ‘Kiss the Girl’ at

-CraigMcD -

"Blue Syndrome Single Launch Academy 2"

Blue Syndrome, a band from Swords, were signed to blast beat records but lost
their record deal as the company had gone into liquidation. But this hasn’t
knocked the lad’s confidence as they have kick started their tour around
Ireland to promote their debut single ”Kiss a Girl”. They performed their first
headliner gig in their old school in Malahide on the 1 April and they have had
positive support behind them the whole way from Ruth Blayney of Dante
On the 4th of April their gig took place in the basement of the Academy, now
known as Academy 2, which is a grand stage for smaller bands. Nothing much has
changed in the venue since it was ‘Spirit’ Night Club. The building inside is
still as dreary as ever.
The band had a matinee gig for the under 18’s on the same day and their manager
Ruth said “about 400 hundred people attended during the day”, so this was a
great turn out for them. “The over 18’s one though was only about 166 people”,
but this was to be expected with the older crowds.
There were three support acts on the night, Problematic, Jon Dots and Heritage
Centre. The one that stood out to the most for me was Jon Dots; he was a very
interesting character. He reminded me of David Bowie. There was something
almost arrogant but poetic about his approach on stage.
Heritage centre are good and their music is amiable. The first band on stage,
Problematic, I thought were a nice start to the gig and the singers voice was
strong and clear for someone so young. All the bands seemed around 18 years of
age and it was great to see so many of them rocking the electric guitar.
About 9.30 Blue Syndrome hit the stage and the crowds made their way to the
front. They had good followers in the audience; there were girls who even had
their own choreographed dance moves to go along with the songs. The first few
songs they played had little diversity in them but when they started playing
‘Over and Out’ the crowd began to catch on. The bands front man Colm seemed
very grateful by the audience’s response. The Debut single ‘Kiss a girl’ is
very catchy song but it does sound to me a bit like Coronas ‘San Diego song’.
Other great songs the crowd enjoyed was ‘Tomorrow I’ll be gone’ and ‘Eventually
Eventually’. They also did a cover of Paramore-My Heart. I must say they’re very
enjoyable band to watch but I do feel their music will be more appreciated by
younger age groups than older. Although the lads are still young and have loads
more years for their music to develop.
Review by Laura McGlynn

RANK:***** 5 out of 6 -

"Blue Syndrome Album Launch -- The Village -- October 28th"

Blue Syndrome

'Over and Out' album launch gig

The Village


Angela Macari O'Looney

Earlier this year I was at the launch of Blue Syndrome's debut single Kiss the girl. They have come a long way in a short time and invited me to the launch of their debut album Over and Out. Certain of a good night's entertainment, I and a guest headed to Wexford St.

This young bunch of lads have put a lot into forming their own dynamic sound and have definitely earned the large fan base they now have, which includes both young and old.

The first thing that caught my eye as the stage was being set for the stars of the show was a beautiful red semi solid guitar being tuned up. It of course belonged to the fun and extremely talented vocalist/guitarist Colm O'Laughlin.
As each instrument was lined up, there was a sense of anticipation. Other members of the band are Thomas Lamude-Drums/Percussion, Stephen O'Loughlin-Guitar/Vocals and Daniel Cummins-Bass/Vocals.

Out they came and I admired the way that the slow piano intro for To Be God created such drama while the guys faced the back of the stage before the song began, then each chord was struck dramatically, strobe lighting and spots flashing to the beat as they faced the now huge audience, yours truly right up front!

Chorus is absolutely brilliant in this with a memorable melody line, loads of ahs and close harmony behind Colm, plus distortion laden guitars and clashing cymbals for the dramatic bits. What an entrance!

Everything Eventually
I was delighted when I heard the catchy guitar intro to this, my own personal favourite Blue Syndrome number.
Fast moving with a really melodic chorus and fab harmony, exciting riffs and a refrain throughout Keep living before you die, keep living before you die, this song is just bursting with NRG!

A rhythmic intro started Come Alive, song number three. This has a dynamic chorus and Colm seemed unstoppable and in top form.

When this number ended, he thanked the audience and expressed his pleasure at the enormous turnout. He said it must be the biggest audience he'd ever seen at The Village.
The party mood continued for the remainder of the night, as the guys played familiar songs with one or two surprises thrown in. They effuse happy vibes and as a unit, are loaded with charisma!

Just another Day
You showed me the rest of the world tonight was the intro sung by Colm, in yet another great song. Delicious riffs and a fast tempo alternating to choppy, this was one everyone was singing it's so catchy!
Lead solo by Stephen is show-stopping as his fingers fly at lightening speed across the frets of the guitar Zeppelin-style. I Kissed a girl and I liked it is infused into the last chorus which spices things up.

For Tomorrow I'll be gone Colm had his acoustic guitar. It involves an interesting tempo change in the chorus and a sung middle eight that I adore. Harmony is in splashes but is sweet.
A rhythmic riff between verses is so appealing and Stephen does magical lead. People sung the last chorus with Colm and the instruments pulled back. This was a special moment!

They did Sign in which Colm sings the first line alone, to be joined by revving guitars and a thumping beat. It involves a sliding note that he sings in the line This is my life which is very effective. He plays a plucky bit on his own guitar which I like.

After this they performed Concerned which is a tribute to Bob Marley, with a line I'm going to Africa on the fourth of July. The lads went crazy for this one as did the crowd.

Machines is a fusion of noisy guitars with a heavy rock feel to it. It's a powerful song, with well placed harmony, a fast pace and lots of interesting chops and changes.

A U2 cover Sunday Bloody Sunday was outstanding. It was just vocals and one guitar and here Colm's vocal range was shown off as he put his all into every note.

Just a dream, a slow and soulful ballad where Colm got the audience to sing with him and Over and out with its bashing anthemic chorus and a fab melody, took the show to a close.

They wouldn't have gotten out of The Village alive had they not did an encore and what better choice of song than the first single they released Kiss the Girl!
As Colm and the lads began with the 'Wo oh' intro, the crowd went wild. Screaming lead riffs and the wonderful way they build things up from a verse to the chorus and then suddenly there's an alter melody going on behind both. This is absolutely tremendous arrangement wise!
I could listen to this band forever. How such young people can start off busking in Grafton Street and manage to grow and develop to this level astounds me. But they have done it and I congratulate Blue Syndrome and the people who have invested their faith and time into them because their music is Irish Rock/Indie at its best!

Review written by: Angela Macari O'Looney -- - Irish Unsigned

"Blue Syndrome 'Over and Out' Album Review"

Blue Syndrome

Over and Out

Angela Macari O’Looney

One of my best memories from 2009 was the night of the launch gig for this debut album. I’d seen Blue Syndrome for the first time at the launch of their E.P. Kiss the Girl earlier in ’09 and was blown away by their music. There are such a huge variety of acts going around, each with something special to offer. But for me this extremely young quartet of musicians top my list of favourite Irish Rock/ Pop/Acoustic bands.

A blend of Foo Fighters explosiveness, the soulful simplicity of Mark Geary in the slower love songs, combined with touches of other influences such as Paramore, Muse and The Frames, this band have now put their own stamp on the music industry and proved their commitment by creating their own label Awkward Turtle Records.

From busking on Dublin’s Grafton Street, the four young Northsiders have come a long way. Members are; Colm O’Loughlin-Vocals/ Guitar, Thomas Lamude -Drums/Percussion, Stephen O’Loughlin – Guitar/Vocals and Daniel Cummins – Bass/Vocals. They have played many of Dublin’s major venues including Vicar Street, Tripod, The Academy, and The Village and have played support to The Republic of Loose, The Dirty Epics, The Kinetics, and Ham Sandwich.

This collection of songs is a must have for anyone with a love for Melodic Rock, close harmony, powerful chord combos and guitar riffs that you end up singing, they are so catchy!

The opening song New Chapter is short, performed by Colm with only one electric guitar accompanying him. Delightful guitar chords and a candy sweet melody line lend to it, as he sings words that reflect starting out on a new adventure; This is a time to move, this is a time to prove, this is the time to start something new. This is the time to write a new chapter in the story of our lives.

Everything Eventually

This second track wakes you up with a guitar riff intro and bashing drumbeat. Lots of distortion and a big resounding baseline set the scene of this number which has a fabulous melody.
Keep livin’ before you die is the refrain sung behind Colm and the harmony is just so effective throughout. It slows down for a profusion of dramatic lead guitar, to burst back into the last chorus. Definitely one of my favourites!

Over and Out

This song is an anthemic styled piece with a rhythmic intro, the chorus being really memorable. You hear the sound of a helicopter at the beginning and later on, a Mayday call. The baseline in the verse is lovely, with a tricky lead riff played behind Colm’s vocals.
Lots of bashing drums, a big build up of harmonic ‘ohs’ and a speed up in the beat adds atmosphere. One of those numbers where there is so much going on your head is in a spin; the theme song of the album gives all of the members of this act a chance to shine.

Just another Day

You sold me the rest of the world tonight is the opening line of this upbeat number. It’s a real sing-along song, with distortion charged guitars, a catchy melody line and chops and changes to the tempo to add interest.
An elaborate guitar solo is performed, which would do any world class guitarist proud and is the highlight for me.

Tomorrow I’ll be gone

The chords in this track are fabulous!
It begins with an acoustic guitar accompaniment, building up in dynamics to a big sound. It’s a laid back love song with a nice beat, which alternates beautifully within the verse. This is a knack with Blue Syndrome in their song writing style, proving how well thought out each piece is and how much effort goes into creating something unique!
The chorus is hauntingly pretty, with this absolutely magical guitar riff before
The middle eight line You are so beautiful, you are so beautiful now. Also some sweet chord riffs continue throughout the whole song.
Colm has an unbelievable range and is helped by the well placed backing vocals. A short blast of rhythmic guitar finishes this track, yet again one of my favourites on the album.

Kiss the Girl

This is the band’s debut single and has it all. It has become their signature tune, is probably the most popular number at gigs and was written by Colm O’Loughlin and Robert O’Malley.
Beginning with the catchy intro which is sung Wo oh, wo oh, this track involves some complex lead guitar behind the chorus. Also the lads do this really appealing thing whereby Colm sings a line, with the backing vocals singing a different melody, the two blending to perfection.
There’s a sudden stop just before the final chorus, where all the stops are pulled out for a big finale.


This track is a bit heavier than their usual style of song. It was written by Colm and the drummer Tom. A distortion laden intro is followed by twin guitars performing a riff. All guitars do a choppy chord riff behind the chorus.
This explosive song is an escape from the lighter pop/rock style of the other tracks. Chord combos in the chorus are gorgeous, as is harmony throughout.

I Try

One of the few softer Blue Syndrome creations, this song has an acoustic intro and demonstrates Colm’s vocals to great advantage, as he pours out his soul. A screaming lead solo takes my breath away midway through, followed by some excellent harmony that frames the remainder of the song well.

Sign is a fast moving, vibrant song, with an alternating beat, a big sound, a catchy riff and a sense of urgency about it.
Colm slides his voice in one of the lines and I like the way the lads sing a counter melody when he’s singing the middle eight Help me now, I think I’m gonna lose control/ help me now I think I’m gonna lose my mind.
As in all of their songs, they make sure that there is loads going on, with everyone putting their all into their part.

Just a Dream

A slow, soulful acoustic piece, this number has a simple melody line. A touch of harmony gradually comes in for the second chorus, increasing the dynamics and eventually, things build up and before you know it, you are listening to an orchestra behind what started out as a really low key track!

To be God

The final track on Over and out, this is a very dramatic affair!
Starting with a quiet piano riff performed by Stuart Gray, it bursts into life and with distortion all over the place, is a fast bashing anthem.
Like a rhapsody, this number changes pace midway through with lots of screaming lead guitar, powerful piano and finally finishes with heavenly ‘Ahs’. Great melody, exciting instrumentals throughout and as in each of this collection of songs, there’s never a dull moment!

To be able to come up with one or two memorable songs is a feat in itself. But young Mr. O’Loughlin manages to continually produce epic pieces of music, just as if he’s pulling them out of a magician’s hat!

With a very simple design on the sleeve; A paper boat with a boy and girl in it, surrounded by water and what looks like a city sinking, this entertaining album is one I know I’ll listen to often. I also hope it will be the first of many for this young, aspiring bunch of musicians, who thank just about everybody in the enclosed booklet (even their pets) and also give an insight into their story. - Angela Macari - Irish Unsigned


December 2010 - Christmas Single tba...
October 2009 - Over and Out [Album]
September 2009 - Over and Out [Single]
April 2009 - Kiss The Girl Single
Summer 2008 - Tomorrow I'll Be Gone Released through Coca Cola iTunes
June 2007 - Just Another Day Single
October 2006 - Whispering White Lies E.P
December 2005 - Blue Syndrome E.P



Blue Syndrome is a four piece alternative indie pop/rock band from Dublin. Their sound is influenced by the Foo Fighters and Snow Patrol, with a healthy dose of acoustic anthems thrown in for good measure. Their simple, yet beat-based songs have attracted an enthusiastic audience to date.

Together since 2004, Colm O’Loughlin (lead vocals/guitar), Stephen O’Loughlin (lead guitar/vocals), Adam Kennedy (bass/vocals), and Tom Lamude (Drums/vocals) have to date released an EP and album aswell as some rather successful singles to stock up their discography. Their debut CD release ‘Over and Out’ was released on October 1st 2009 and received enthusiastic critical acclaim. The album blends Colm O'Loughlin's refreshing vocals with energetic band work to create a disc overflowing with highly memorable songs. With standout tracks like "Tomorrow I'll Be Gone,” already certified platinum in Malahide and Swords, don’t be surprised if you find Blue Syndrome at the top of the music charts and beyond.

Blue Syndrome are positioned as intelligent and socially concerned young artists. Their unique propensity for meshing acoustic rhythms with driving melodies around social issues makes people stand up and take notice of this issue oriented band. They are strongly linked to the Kenyan charity, The Mathari Children's Fund, ( and have been requested by the director of the charity to organise a major fund raising concert in Nairobi next year in conjunction with local artists. They are also highly motivated by their ties to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and are participating in a series of events over the coming year.
The band are currently donating all profits of their album sales to The Ross Nugent Foundation, a local project aimed to raised much needed funds for the Oncology department in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin. The song writing team is led by Colm O’Loughlin but with generous contributions from the other band members.


Media enquiries/interview requests:
Noelle Brooks - PR
Telephone 086 806 7474

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