Ingemar Ohlsson/Björn Elmgren, Blue Topaz

Ingemar Ohlsson/Björn Elmgren, Blue Topaz


On this recording you will discover a Swedish "Smörgåsbord" of different styles of music from Reggae to Latino, from Romantic Ballades to Waltz and Funk. You will enjoy music you can dance, relax or dream to. Music to upplift you and make you happy. Music that will speak directly to your soul.


I began to compose this collection of music during the time of my life when I suddenly began to understand the value and importance of all the years I have participated in the music world. All the kinds of music I have played over those years have left me with different kinds of feelings inside which have helped me to understand and transform myself into whom I really am and shown me what I really want to do: to create music.

Ingemar Ohlsson started his musical career as both a clarinettist and saxophonist playing in many different bands in his home country Sweden.
At the age of fifteen he started to play the cello. In his late teens, he found full time employment as a military musician, staying for all of six years; in fact even after quitting he still played in the band part-time. During his military career he continued to practise the cello whenever he could. His love of the instrument and his dedication to practise eventually saw him getting a position as cellist in the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra in Sweden.
After a couple of years playing in this orchestra he moved to Prague in the Czech Republic and started to study at the Academy of Music staying for three years before returning back to the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra.
In 1979 Ingemar moved to Malmö and its Symphony Orchestra becoming the co-principal solo cellist and staying there until 1985. During these years he also toured as a member of the EPOS TRIO in many European countries as well as Africa, Japan and Canada. He recorded several radio programmes in Sweden and abroad.
In 1985 Ingemar was appointed Professor at the Brandon University in Manitoba, Canada where he stayed until 1994 teaching cello,
chambermusic, music appreciation as well as conducting the University orchestra. He was also a member of the Brandon University trio and toured extensively throughout Canada. Ingemar even made several radio recordings here, both as a soloist and as a chamber musician. He also played occasionally with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.
Ingemar moved back to Sweden 1994 and started freelancing as a soloist/chamber musician and conducting. It was during this time he composed his first musical “The Golden Girl” which he toured with in Sweden. This experience encouraged him to continue to produce and conduct musicals and operas. At the same time he also conducted the chamber orchestra Collegium A. Dvorak for many years while on tour in Sweden and in the Czech Republic: Together they also recorded a CD with Czech music. Ingemar was often invoted to be a guest conductor in Sweden, Poland, Germany and in the Czech Republic.
In 2000 Ingemar started his own orchestra The GOLDEN Prague Chamber Orchestra and his own music management company in Prague in the Czech Republic while, at the same time he toured as a solo-cellist, conducting, teaching and composing two musicals the “Godfather” and the “Bird”.

Set List

The Blue Topaz, Fly Away, Remembering You, The Bird, The Waltz, Finding The Way, Fly My Soul, The Spanish Night, Music In The Sky, Farewell, Walking In The Night