Blue Tropic Soul

Blue Tropic Soul


The type of musicianship that makes other bands stand up and take notice, coupled with songwriting that forges an instant connection with the casual listener is what sets Blue Tropic Soul apart. As the band effortlessly moves from one genre to the next onstage, "limitless" is the only description.


The objective was simple: take incredible songs and put the best and the brightest musicians behind them. This is what brothers Brian and PJ Brutzman have done. Equal parts songwriting/production team and live performance force to be reckoned with, the duo is rounded out by jazz virtuoso Jaxon Gruber on keyboards, Sheldon Goode Jr. on drums and Tevin Palarche on bass. Sheldon and Tevin were already fixtures on the local Gospel Music scene before joining the group and combine to form the soulful foundation of this one of a kind outfit.


Beyond Tomorrow

Written By: Brian Brutzman/PJ Brutzman

Slow down, right now
you work your fingers to the bone, all alone
with no love to show for it anyhow
Across the world, a distant island in the sun
four footprints in the sand, and I won't breathe a word to anyone

I thought I new what love was
Baby I was wrong
Don't leave and if you do please don't let it be long
I want to go where no one ever would seek to follow
I'm ready at a moment's notice
I can't wait beyond tomorrow


Blue Tropic Soul's EP "Beyond Tomorrow" was released in the summer of 2012 and has gained wide praise for the strength of its songs and the quality of its musicianship.

It is available for purchase on iTunes and streaming live on Spotify!