Bluette starts in 2003 from an idea of Gianluca Silvestri and Roberta Malerba, guitarist and vocalist of the band. Bluette is Pop/Rock from Italy, Heavy Guitar riffs and great vocalist. Playing own compositions


Bluette has been a band since 2003.
It starts from an idea of Gianluca Silvestri and Roberta Malerba, guitarist and vocalist of the band.
Both come from jazz improvisation but with different backgrounds.
Gianluca lived and studied in Los Angeles for three years: inspired by the late jazz/fusion style with rock influences developed a unique style of concive guitar parts.
Roberta Malerba has been a member of numerous jazz ensambles playing in clubs from the age of 13, also winner of important italian jazz contest (International Massimo Urbani Awards).
also appeared in some Musical act and several music productions.
Gianluca was playing as session artist in Milan area when He met Enrico Santangelo a session drummer from Sicily. He propose him to join in the project and he accepted carried along with him Marco Maestri a fellow bass player, who left the band in 2008.
toghether they have played in several clubs in the north of Itlay.
some player contribute to the project for short period of time (Roberto Ragazzo, Marco Parenti and Gaetano Puzzutiello).
The band recorded their first ep in 2006 and then a second one in 2008, both self poduced.
In 2009 Bluette release their first debute album with Schoots records.
Our style of music is a fusion of jazz, blues, latin, pop with the energy of rock.
the music, the bands and the composer that inspired us are:
The Police and Sting, Jimmy Hendrix, U2, Joe Zawinul and Weather Report, Zap Mama, J.S. Bach, Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, B.B.King, Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam, Jeff Beck, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Scott Henderson and Tribal Tech, Robben Ford, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Living Colors, Pino Daniele, Jeff Buckley.

Set List

new cd with 11 songs, all own compositions!