Blue Turtle Seduction

Blue Turtle Seduction


Coming off of 225 shows in 2006 the band is ready for anything. Jan 27th 2007 was a big night for Blue Turtle as they played to a SOLD OUT crowd at the Fillmore in San Francisco. This summer the band is planning its 1st coast to coast tour as they promote their 2nd studio album “Deep Sea Rodeo”.


Blue Turtle Seduction out of South Lake Tahoe California has built a solid fan base over the last 4 years of touring and recording music throughout the western states and Hawaii. 2006 saw the band play over 225 live shows in ten states. This schedule allowed for the refining of not only their live performances but also their song crafting and adding to their large repertoire of original songs. Blue Turtle’s music is guaranteed to move your feet as well as your head with driving rhythms and thought provoking lyrics that push the limits of style and genre. “the act…known for its inspired live sets, showcases an uncanny ability to slip stitch and pass multiple grooves. Drawing from a multi-instrumental palate… the five-piece moves from spirited and free wheeling excursions into more complex sections with ease.”—Nick Hutchinson, Denver Westword



Written By: Christian Zupancic

Pictures of his past begin to fade
As he walks on down the road.
Thinking with her thoughts up in the sky
Her head is buried in the sand.

Just one chance to take a look around,
And find out what you see:
They would throw their hands into the air
If they had not forgotten how to be!

Oh Prometido!
Venga any day!
Maybe just around the bend…
Oh she doesn’t need him anyway:
They’ll all be together in the end.

Now you take a step into the room,
Where no troubles lay.
Destination, never at the end,
But found along the way.


Written By: Jay A. Seals

You may live your life asleep at the wheel,
Never to realize the reasons you may feel.
Happy or sad, normal or bad,
Like a cow in a pasture left only to add.
That A + B must indefinitely always equal C.
For there you find your sanctuary in your routine.

In this web of life we are only a strand,
Take away one part and the web can’t stand.
This is a song for the government.
This is a song for the compassionate.
It’s time for the leaders to hear.
The golden rule must replace the fear.
What’s done to you is also done to me.
The people must lead for the leaders to see.

And you think that we have learned from the holocaust,
Yet Africa and Bosnia burned with such a fatal cost.
They say that the lord works in mysterious ways,
So the system says to justify what it does every day.
It’s a program for sure, a paradigm at it’s best.
Looked at from another perspective begins to disturb their nest.

Holden down trodden, the one standin’ in the rain.
Was this life chosen, or merely an act in vain.
Do we ignore like a store on a fancy avenue.
Ceasar of old, holding gold in a bottle of super glue.
If it pours, it stays it’s days on streetcorner blues.
The saxophone blows in storm color hues.
Melodrama of three; a boy, a man, a ghost.
Everyday; the dawn, the night come to boast.
Of their friend, the number, standing on the streetcorner.
People pass only to laugh, thinking as a crazy stoner.
With eyes that start to believe the lies, nothing to do but cry,
For theories of relativity hold no hope for this street guy.
Is it irony or fairytale on the streets of Babylon,
Because the sun still rises, even after the street guy is gone.

Martin Luther King walked his peaceful line,
And he sang to his children, “Children, all in due time.”
A vision for the future, an example of how to live.
A candle in this world is what he had to give.
I say listen, listen to the falling rain.
No worries if you missed the message, ‘cause here comes the message again.

La Nieve

Written By: J. Seals

¿Donde esta la nieve?
¿Donde estan mis hermanos?
¿Donde estan las senoritas?
Por eso dame mas cervezas.

The circle grows over the Sierra.
We run our toes through la tierra.
We write our names in the sands of Tahoe.
Looking towards Tallac for the sign of winter snow!


---Deep Sea Rodeo, 2006-2nd Full length self released album--Yehaaww!--listen up for singles such as "Could have been you", and "Do What You Want"
----Under Sierra Ground, 2004, with La Nieve and Cenizas getting airplay at
KTKE 101.5 in Truckee,
KVMR 89.3 in Nevada City,
KThX 101.1 Reno,
Kmud (norcal) .

For more live steaming go to Cenizas and La Nieve can be found streaming at and Disc Logic.
For Bookings contact Shaun Dolan 415-533-8593

Set List

Our set list is rarely set, but the songs come from those on our new CD, Deep Sea Rodeo,our 1st CD,Under Sierra Ground, and others from our continual song-writing process. A "typical" set runs 60-80 minutes, with shows running two sets with a 20 minute break. A couple of covers, Manu Chao, Billy Idol, Wycleff, Outkast, Violent Femms. but mostly original material.