Blue Union Trio

Blue Union Trio


Blue Union Trio plays a Rock/Pop style with jazz influences. Live, Blue Union Trio's sound ranges from a cool jazz trio to a rock power trio.


If the Blue Union Trio could be defined by one word, that word would be 'real'. Each song resounds with an ageless story communicating the emotional complexities of love and life, yearning and loss, joy and pain. These remarkable jazz-inflected pop music vignettes are composed by singer and songwriter, Travers Geoffray. Geoffray's tuneful piano stylings and vivid songwriting poignantly explore the human experience with a wisdom far beyond his years. Drummer Sam Shahin attends Levine, where this year he was awarded the status of Performing Artist, the highest designation for a Levine student. The newest member of the band, Chris Gonzalez, attends Maryland's Montgomery College as a music major Geoffray's wisdom, combined with Shahin's heartfelt drumming and Gonzalez's soulful bass playing, create the always realistic sound of the Blue Union Trio.


Blue Union Trio - EP (Demo)

Set List

Something Like That - Tim McGraw
Love You Always
Guilty Pleasure
Magical World
Star Struck
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
Moonlight in Birmingham
Neon - John Mayer