Blue Vault Room

Blue Vault Room


Experimental, hybrid, honest and raw.


Born in Los Angeles, Blue Vault Room is the result of a mutation and evolution of art in a form of music, fed by the intensity and passion of three individuals who seek to express their deepest feelings.

Blue Vault Room was formed in late 2004 by Oscar Doniz (drums), Paul Barros Bessone (bass) and
Bassam Hemmet (gtr & vox). Each member bringing in their style and influences to mix a hybrid of sounds.

Blue Vault Room is a new rock band with great songs and a sound that differs from commercial standards. Influences can be heard from modern day acts such as Audioslave and Queens of the Stone Age to classic acts like Pink Floyd. This first self-produced EP shows the beginning of what's seems to be an inevitable expression of this generation.

Blue Vault Room is currently in the studio recording and producing what will be their first full length LP while also performing in the Los Angeles area in places like The Joint and The Cat Club in Hollywood, the Blue Café and Que Sera in Long Beach, The Scene in Glendale, Club Good Hurt in West Hollywood, Vinny’s Bar in Bakersfield, Malibu Inn in Malibu and several other places.


Blue Vault Room EP - 2005

Set List

Our typical set list is about 8 to 10 songs depending on how much time the venue gives us.
1.Mailed You A Flying Storm
2.Under My Spell
4.Rolling Window
or Lover's Plague
5.Days of Rain
6.Chemical Train
7.Sleepless Moons
8.See Me Burn
9. Prey of the Day
10.Smoke My Ride