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BJ Allen & Blue Voodoo

Kirksville, Missouri, United States | INDIE

Kirksville, Missouri, United States | INDIE
Band Blues Americana


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""Hot Wire" - Review by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro"

• 07/02/07 - Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @


BLUE VOODOO joins the fast growing list of bands that are on their second go around here at reviews. Here it is just thirteen months after enjoying their release called "THE STORM", and this tightly tuned band is once again getting my wires hot with their new release....."HOT WIRE (MY HEART)".

Musician wise, the 2007 version of the band bears only one change. Joining BJ ALLEN who is absolutely outstanding on the vocals are: JERRY FULLER on guitar, piano and organ; JP HURD on bass and harp; and newcomer DAVID DANIELS on drums. Additional guests include JOYCE CARNES and HEATHER SMITH on background vocals and DEREK DANIELS on percussion.

As with their previous release, the band once again succeeds by capitalizing on their strengths.....very well written originals (eleven of twelve tracks), BJ'S very powerful, yet never overpowering voice and the band habitually locking into tight grooves.

"DOIN' SOMEBODY" serves as a great opening track by pretty much featuring all of the band. It's a great taste of what's ahead. JP and DAVID are great together with the rhythm, JERRY'S guitar solos are sharp, the gals on background are meticulously melodic and BJ, as she does on every song, belts her heart out on the vocals.

Some of the best guitar work on "HOT WIRE (MY HEART)" can be heard right here on the title track. This one's all about Jerry and BJ. He's doin' his damndest to bust some strings while she's wailing out some gut bustin' blues.

"SOUNDS LIKE "L" is a smooth instrumental featuring a nice blend of funk and jazz. It's a completely relaxing number with lots of great rhythm and percussion. It doesn't get any tighter than this.

As the title might indicate, "BLUE AS BLUES CAN GET", is a burning ballad, featuring BJ at her best. JERRY'S soft piano intro, along with JOYCE and HEATHER'S backup vocals, add to this one's highlights. This is the kind of stuff that packs the dance floors.

"NOOSE AROUND YOUR NECK" is fast and funky. As you'd expect, JP and DAVID are on fire and DEREK'S fanning those flames with some furious beating of the congas. On this one BJ's telling her hound dog of a boyfriend that he'd better put a ring on her finger or he's gonna find a noose around his neck. Hmmm, hearing it said that way certainly gives new meaning to choosing the lesser of the two evils.


Once again, BLUE VOODOO comes through with another very impressive release. This is the kind of consistency that's absolutely necessary for a band to take it to the next level, and I believe BLUE VOODOO'S got it within reach. Check out BJ and the guys at and let her know that she's got the Blewzzman "HOT WIRED".

""Hot Wire" - Review by Johnny Mannion"

• 07/02/07 – Johnny Mannion

Blue VooDoo- Hot Wire (My Heart) -2007

I have been listening to Blue VooDoo's new release Hot Wire (My Heart), for a week or so now. I loved it from first listen but wanted to really devour it before writing a review.

The CD sizzles from the start. "Doin' Somebody" is a rockin blues and the thing that hit me right off was the power of the rhythm section. The thunder of the bass under the succulent guitar and driving drums. Then in comes BJ Allen and her voice. These musicians are the whole package. Power, finesse and passion.

Jerry Fuller just keeps getting better on the guitar which in all honesty I didn't think was possible after listening to the last two CD's. He is a master musician who not only plays guitar better than most, he also plays keyboards! His guitar takes on so many voices, he gets a ton of tone and changes styles flawlessly. He tone is so varied on the CD it amazes me. Every song has a different guitar sound. Amazing!

JP Hurd’s bass thunders, his bass on "Your Blues Are My Blues Now" reminds me of Jack Bruce with Cream or Felix Pappalardi with Mountain... it just never stops driving.

David Daniels drumming is exquisite. He drives the band without being overpowering. A very rare trait in a drummer. I love his playing.

BJ Allen is in top form on this CD. Her voice is expressive and throaty. She can growl and sing like an angel as well. This is evident on the title track "Hot Wire (My Heart)".

BJ is a true talent and backed by this incredible band she is allowed her to spread her vocal wings and soar and they follow along keeping pace with her every move. An impressive third CD from this incredibly talented band.

There is not a let down anywhere on this CD. For me this is the best CD of 2007 that I have heard so far.
Johnny Mannion

""Hot Wire" - Review by Mike Dollins"

• 07/02/07 – Mike Dollins -

Lovin' our advance copy of BJ Allen and Blue Voodoo titled Hot Wire (My Heart) This is the groups second CD, and with more better arrangements, background vocals, song mix, solos and keyboard work compared to their first CD which was great too. I spent too may hours listening to Lydia Pence and Cold Blood from San Jose, California back in the sixties, and these new Blue Voodoo cuts have that great California South Bay R&B, Soul and Funk blues feel to it. Add the superb horns Cold Blood had, and you would be Deja Vu all over again. Even with the wonderful big arrangements, the band still has it's own brand of stew cooking too. Worth adding to your blues collection, as these guys and gal boogie.

""Hot Wire" - Review by Electric Blues Radio"

• 06/15/07 – Herm – ElectricBluesRadio -

[Hot Wire] follows in the tradition of "The Storm". Expressive, quality song writing, solid performances, excellent production, and vocals to die for.

"The Storm - Review by UJ Miller"

Blue Voodoo – The Storm
{2005 | Pure Air Music}

Situated in Northeast Missouri between Chicago, Kansas City, and St. Louis, Blue Voodoo is a rocking’ blues quartet that features BJ Allen on lead vocals. This gal can sing and delivers with tons of passion and soul. The band offers a tightly tuned cd that provides the listener with a variety of blues styles. The group is a two-time winner of the Tri-States Blues Challenge (precursor to the International Blues Challenge 2005 and 2006) and this disc titled “The Storm” is their second release. This disc is up for the Blues Foundations Best Self-Produced CD and has advanced to the final eight CDs.

The band is:
BJ Allen - Vocals/percussion
Thad Daniels - Drums
Jon Hurd - Bass/vocals
Jerry Fuller - Guitar/piano/vocals

1. Sweet Talk & Wine – brief little number that gets kicking half way through
2. Don’t Be Hard on Me Baby - harp lends a little charm to this song
3. The Storm - funk flare with powerful vocals, piano and pleasing guitar work
4. Singin’ My Own Blues Now – slow tune that makes you feel the blues
5. The Devil In Me - sultry little song
6. Something For Nothing- enjoyable guitar and vocals
7. Willow Tree - nice and simple track
8. Disneyland For The Blues - creative Cajun beat with cool keys and harp
9. Sittin’ On Top Of The World - slow and easy and puts you in a blues state of mind
10. Ain’t Gonna Take It Anymore - acoustic gem with harp, my favorite track
11. Good-Bye Baby - driving rhythm and groovy guitar work

While this CD is quite enjoyable I’m sure that their live show can only prove to be a blues lover delight full of energy and soul. I give this disc 3.0 out of 5 on the STLBluesometer. You can listen to a few of their tracks on their website at or go check them out for yourself live at the IBC in Memphis Jan 26-28, 2006.
- - Dec, 2005

""Hot Wire" - Review by James "Skyy Dobro" Walker"

By James “Skyy Dobro” Walker
Posted on
True or false: “There ain’t no right or wrong way to play the blues?” That line is from the last cut on Blue Voodoo’s third album, Hot Wire (My Heart). If the statement is false, then we blues fans and critics can merrily continue our intellectual and pseudo-intellectual arguments about what tis the blues, and what taint. Obviously arguing for “truth”, the sultry and accomplished lead vocalist for the Kirksville, MO, quartet, B.J. Allen, sings that as long as the music “starts deep down in your heart / Til it seeps down to your shoes” then there isn’t a right or wrong way to play the blues. Sounds like an argument starter to me!
Here is some inarguable truth: Hot Wire (My Heart) is a great rocking-blues album. All twelve tracks are winners, and eleven tracks were penned by either Fuller or Hurd as the band continues to develop their own blues signature. Now in their 5th season, Blue Voodoo has already logged two performances at the International Blues Challenge (2005 and 2006) and their previous release, “The Storm”, was a semi-finalist in the “Best Self-Produced CD” competition at IBC, 2006.
Jerry Fuller’s 36-seconds piano opening to Track 6, “Blue As Blues Can Get” is so good I would buy the album even if that was the only song on it. After Fuller sets the mood on this slow blues number, J.P. Hurd fills the sound on bass along with David Daniels on drums. Just as the song begins to sound like Eric Clapton’s “Old Love”, Allen’s voice sadly and softly comes in relating her sorrowful and solitary plans for the evening. From there her powerful voice wells up in volume and hurt while plaintively punctuated by Fuller’s added guitar track. No song ever needs to be better than that!
Simply said, I’m entranced: Blue Voodoo, go do those voodoo blues that you do so well!

""Hot Wire" - Review by ROOTSTIME (English)"

English translation of the original Dutch review of "Hot Wire" (My Heart)....

"Hot Wire My Heart" is the third CD from this blues rock band from the Midwest of the
US. The biggest force in this group is the female vocalist BJ Allen. The female singer with a huge voice comparible with the voice of Maggie Bell, but only if you would know her. Let's say it's the female Rod Stewart. It was this "Maggie" that Rod was singing about in his hit song "Maggie May." BJ's voice is therefore as powerful and has somewhat of this timbre but doesn't have the rasp of this forgotten "Maggie."

A power trio existing of Jerry Fuller (guitar and piano); J P Hurd (bass and harp); and drummer David Daniels are taking care of her backing. Five years they are already working hard and they do it just fine! Guitarist Jerry quite nicely plays the strings of the guitar. Just listen to the title song "Hot Wire My Heart" and especially the suppressed jazzy song "Sounds Like L" he's shining. Who the "L" is, I would like to have known but there's just little cover information on the CD. You don't hear famous covers . . . only "Blues As Blues Can Get" but nowhere are the credits written. The material of the songs is more than okay but to whom we thank these songs, where did we get them from?

The song "Too Much To Do" has New Orleans influences and is fantastically sung by BJ. "Written On My Heart" is an extremely pretty jazzy swing with Jerry's guitar and BJ's voice of course again at their best. The up-tempo songs are alternated with almost as many ballads and I have to admit that I like these more and more. So is "Deep Valley" another high. BJ Allen sings with a lot of feeling. She sings the lungs out of her body! And in the middle of the songs, Jerry let's his guitar weep and groan with as much feeling. But the most funky songs have a reason to exist as well like "Right or Wrong Way" and the opening song "Doing Somebody" where BJ sings "She likes to be a singer but she sings just a little in between." Obviously this is not about her. "Blue Voodoo" is a band that deserves more knownability because of the many more unknown blues bands we receive here on a monthly basis, this is one of the best.
- (Dutch)

"Here's what they're saying about Blue Voodoo...."

"....fresh arrangements... powerful, unforced delivery..."

Blues Revue Magazine
Apr/May, 2006

" excellent disc... very well-written original tunes.... Songs like this (Sittin' On Top of the World) were written to be sung by BJ Allen... her powerful interpretation takes this one to a whole new level..."

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @

"The Storm is indicative of all that is right about the blues today... wonderful, original song writing, tight musicianship, and powerful vocals..."

Kyle Deibler
Phoenix Blues Society

"...amazing rhythm section... just smokin'... maybe the best blues voice out there today!"

Johnny Mannion
San Diego, CA

"...impressive rhythms... sound(s) larger than life, tasty delivery and guitar soloing, in the pocket with a tight sound...."

Mike Dollins
Blues, Jazz and Guitar

"... tight band, great guitar work, good song selection/writing and superb vocals by BJ Alllen... 10 solid self-written and arranged tracks and an absolutely stunning version of "Sittin' On Top of the World...."

Karl-Heinz Frohnhoff
Germany - Various

""The Storm" - Review by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro"

March, 2006

As far back as my musical memories can take me, I always recall having a liking for female singers, regardless of the genre. I guess my late father being a huge Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington fan could have had something to do with that. Those two great ladies of song were two of my earliest musical influences. Here it is fifty years later and I'm still a lover of the lady blues belters.

Unfortunately, too many of the modern blues gals seem to think they have to twist, bend and strain their natural voices to sound like Bonnie Raitt while others feel the need to emulate Susan Tedeschi and the result is nothing but screaming.

That's what makes me appreciate a lead vocalist like B J ALLEN. It's not that I'm comparing her to Ella and Dinah, but I'm appreciating that she's not trying to be a Bonnie or a Susan. Amen!

B J ALLEN, by the way, along with: JERRY FULLER on Electric Guitar, Acoustic Lead Guitar, Piano and Organ; J P HURD on Bass, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar and Harmonica; and THAD "SHUG" DANIELS on Drums; make up BLUE VOODOO. Their new CD, "THE STORM", is an excellent disc on which ten of the eleven tracks are very well written originals, covering a varied style of blues.

On the opening track, "SWEET TALK & WINE", B J wastes no time establishing her vocal credentials. Her sound, and the strength of it, immediately tell the listener he or she is in for a treat as this disc progresses. Lots of smooth guitar by JERRY help this one along.

Picking up the pace a notch or two is "DON'T BE HARD ON ME BABY". This ones a real toe taper with the band in jam mode. It features lots of hot guitar, piano and harp licks.

One of the heavier blues tracks is a slow, sultry number called "SINGING MY OWN BLUES NOW". It's about a blues singer who sings so many blues songs but now she has to really sing one that's true - and it's taking it's toll on her to have to do so. The lyrics are excellent and the blues guitar is absolutely killer. This one's the cream of the crop.

"SOMETHING FOR NOTHING" is the shortest yet the hottest track on the disc. This one really rips it up. It's one of those tracks where the band members don't just peak, but they peak simultaneously.

The next track is about one of my favorite places and a place where I'll be in just a few short weeks - Beale Street, Memphis, TN. The track is appropriately titled "DISNEYLAND OF THE BLUES". Unfortunately however, in recent years, as is the case in many other cities, the blues has suffered a bit in Memphis and the only times that Beale Street is indeed like the Disneyland of the Blues is during the IBC awards and the Blues Music Awards (Handy's). In any event, this is an interesting track with a great NAWLINS sound.

The only cover on "THE STORM" is a very well done version of Howlin' Wolf's "SITTIN' ON TOP OF THE WORLD". Songs like this were written to be sung by B J ALLEN. She takes this one to a whole new level. Her powerful interpretation, along with great guitar and piano playing make this another of the discs highlights.

Apparently, in their mid-west nest in NE Missouri, somewhere near Chicago, Kansas City and St. Louis, the BLUE VOODOO band has already made quite a name for themselves by twice winning the "Tri-States Blues Challenge. Here's hoping that "THE STORM" will have winds strong enough to blow some of that popularity around to the other 47 States. - Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro - Blues Editor @

""The Storm" - Review by Kyle Deibler"

March, 2006

The beauty of working the International Blues Challenge in Memphis each year is the opportunity for three days to hear over 130 acts from around the world prove that blues is indeed alive and well. One of the new additions to the competition is the best self-produced cd contest and the entrant from Blue Voodoo, aptly titled The Storm, was a semi-finalist in this year’s competition. I promised Blue Voodoo that The Storm would be the first record in my cd player when I got home and I’m still trying to figure out if The Storm is the actual title of the record or a term that refers to the mayhem that occurs when lead singer BJ Allen walks into the room. Either way….The Storm was a worthy entrant into the competition and a well produced independent record for this band from Missouri.

“Sweet Talk & Wine” opens the record with BJ lamenting the fact that her affections are easily won back with a “little sweet talk & wine.” An original tune by bassist JP Hurd, “Sweet Talk & Wine” eventually finds our muse with enough strength to turn the tables and walk away. “Don’t Be Hard on Me Baby,” another Hurd tune, establishes the rules for the relationship from the get go…..when you’re hard on me baby I gotta be hard on you.” Life shouldn’t be so difficult but at least she’s standing up for herself.

The title track, “The Storm,” finds guitarist Jerry Fuller contributing his song writing talents to those of Hurd’s. Bad Love is the common theme, this time her lover doesn’t have the innate ability to be honest….he can’t even look her in the eye when he tells her goodbye. At least she’s out of the limbo that finds her somewhere “between love & hate!” Things slow down on the song, “Singin’ My Own Blues Now.” Blues singers are famous for singing about every one else’s pain, this time BJ is the one being hurt. Immersed in the reality of her own pain BJ intones that the reason she “seems a little bit different and strange tonight somehow….it’s because I’m singing my own blues tonight!” “Singing My Own Blues Now” is probably my favorite song on the record.

“The Devil in Me” is BJ’s response to being mistreated. The devil in her lover, who mistreated her, lied to her and cheated on her, is bringing out the devil in her. He can’t run far enough or fast enough to get out from underneath her wrath at being taken advantage of. “Something For Nothing,” another song by Jerry Fuller, reflects on the fact that everyone expects something for nothing and she’s tired of the seemingly endless expectations that everyone has of her. She gives and gives and gives and no one wants to pay.

“Willow Tree” finds our muse in love with a man who doesn’t return her affections. Things are so bad that even the willow tree won’t weep for her. Time to move on girl and let him go. “Disneyland of the Blues” pays homage to Beale Street and the fun that can be found there. Blue Voodoo is a two-time competitor in the International Blues Challenge and the spirit of Memphis definitely brings out the best in everyone. Inspired by their first foray into competition in Memphis, BJ intones that, “You’re never going to find a street like Beale…it’s like Disneyland of the Blues!” Written by guitarist Jerry Fuller, “Disneyland of the Blues” is a great original tune and a wonderful compliment to the spirit of the IBC. Well done, Blue Voodoo!!

The one cover song to be found on The Storm is “Sitting on Top of the World,” by Howlin Wolf. I’ve not heard the Wolf’s version but I can honestly say that BJ Allen and her crew did the song proud. BJ has tremendous range and “Sitting on Top of the World” gives her an opportunity to show just what a beautiful instrument her voice really is. This girl has a powerhouse voice and definitely knows how to use it.

“Ain’t Gonna Take It Anymore” definitely lets us know that our girl has had enough of her cheating man….”Leave your key by the door….I ain’t gonna take it anymore!” Time to pack up, get out….and don’t look back. “Good-Bye Baby” finds the opposite to be true….this time BJ is the one leaving. “When I hit the road this time….feet won’t even touch the ground!” Her man tried to change her instead of loving her for herself and that just wasn’t going to happen.

It’s easy to see why the judges of the Blues Foundation’s cd contest liked The Storm. It’s indicative of all that is right about the blues today. It features wonderful original song writing, tight musicianship by a band the obviously enjoys playing together, and powerful vocals by a lead singer coming into her own. You’ll find that The Storm is available through, or from Blue Voodoo at Pick it up, enjoy it and if you get a chance…come to Memphis for next year’s IBC and see why Blue Voodoo is correct in that, “Beale Street is the Disneyland of the Blues!”

- Phoenix Blues Society -


01/01/09 - Heartless

Available in CD and/or digital download format

06/01/07 - Hot Wire (My Heart) now available:

Also available for digital download from many of your favorite websites.

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COMING SOON... The new CD, "Hot Wire (My Heart) is slated for an April, 2007, release. Check back for details!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Dec 2, 2005 - "The Storm" has been chosen among the 8 semi-finalists in the "Best Self-Produced CD" contest in conjunction with the International Blues Challenge -an event sponsored by the Blues Foundation - more here: (follow links to International Blues Challenge).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"The Storm" the second album from NE Missouri's Blue Voodoo, is available now! Check it out at (or) (or)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Blue Voodoo's first CD is titled "RED HOT BLUES". The CD has received air play and excellent feedback from Electric Blues Radio, part of the family of internet radio stations.



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Aug, 2010

BJ Allen & Blue Voodoo crowned “King of the Roots”

There was one spot left on the schedule for the 4th Annual Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival in downtown Columbia, MO, and that spot was reserved for the king! For two months, a state-wide search for Missouri’s best blues & roots act ensued, beginning with a field of 24 acts in four regional competitions, and culminating August 27th, with BJ Allen & Blue Voodoo being crowned “King of the Roots.”

The win caps off a stellar year for this veteran band for whom 2010 began with their third appearance in the semi-finals round of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, followed by a full slate of shows across the Midwest throughout the year.

Other highlights across their career include sharing the stage with blues greats such as Bernard Allison, Reba Russell, Joe Moss, Janiva Magness, Jimbo Mathus, Magic Slim, Trampled Under Foot, and Harper. Their appearance at RBB #4 this fall will add the likes of Rhonda Vincent, Dan Tyminski, Shemekia Copeland, Tab Benoit, Derek Trucks, and Susan Tedeschi to that list.

Since their onset in 2003, they have independently released 3 CDs of original and cover music which have received national and international airplay, including rising to #8 on the Rack of Blues top 15 countdown on BB King’s Bluesville, Siriux/XM Satellite Radio. Their latest CD, Heartless, was released in the spring of 2009 and they are currently writing material for their next CD expected to release in the spring of 2011.

BJ Allen & Blue Voodoo are: BJ Allen, lead vocals; JP Hurd, bass, harmonica, and vocals; Jerry Fuller, lead guitar, keyboards, and vocals; Derek Daniels, Drums and vocals; and David Daniels, percussion.

When not out traveling around the Midwest playin’ the blues, you can find this crew at home in Kirksville, MO.
Showtime for BJ Allen & Blue Voodoo at the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival is 11 am, Saturday, Oct 2, 2010, on the MPIX Stage at 7th & Locust in downtown Columbia, MO.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Jan, 2010

Just back from the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, where we had an AWESOME time! Sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date on everything new with BJ and the boys....

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PRESS RELEASE - 05/25/09

Opening at #15 and working it's way to #8, HEARTLESS, the latest release from BJ Allen & Blue Voodoo, spent 4 weeks on the RACK OF BLUES Top 15 countdown on BB King's Bluesville, Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, Ch 74 from Apr 11 - May 9, 2009.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

HEARTLESS - Release date 01/24/09

They’re at it again… this bunch of seasoned players from NE Missouri. With Heartless, their 4th independent release, BJ Allen & Blue Voodoo keep on rockin’ the blues, featuring more new music with 8 original tunes written by either JP Hurd or Jerry Fuller, and 3 cover tunes that are favorites from the band’s live set.

Laying the foundation are David Daniels on drums and JP Hurd on bass. This rhythm section is tighter than a tick on a hound-dog’s you-know-what! With bold bass lines and a steady groove, these boys will rock ya all night long! JP also blows harp and writes some of the band’s original material.

Jerry Fuller handles the guitar licks with flair. Also contributing as a writer and doing double duty on the keyboards, Jerry brings the zing to all the band’s arrangements, whether covers of blues favorites or the band’s original tunes.

Fronting this group is vocalist, BJ Allen, who employs a dynamic range of styles. At once sweet, sultry, sassin', sexy – and always right on the money - BJ puts her heart and soul into every song and you can take that to the bank!

Starting off with the swingin’ Don’t Know What You’re Missin’ , and ending up with a gospel-tinged version of Janis Joplin’s Get It While You Can, this collection will have you tappin’ your toes and singin’ along from start to finish. Traditional 12-bar shuffles Radio Song and Take Out Some Insurance are woven into the mix with the James Brown style Borderline, the quirky Its All About You, and Dinah Washington’s classic, Sunday Kind of Love. There is a 6/8 groove to the heart-wrenching title track, Heartless, and Iron City leans to the grungie side of blues rock. Tryin’ To Find the Groove has a very contemporary twist and the group’s “protest song”, Do Something, lyrically cries out for social justice with a nice, travellin’ groove. Moving from fun to funky to soulful ballads and back again, Heartless is a must have for any fan of contemporary blues.


*** BJ and the boys will be in the studio in Sept and Oct, working on their new disc. Expected release in the fall of 2