Blue Water

Blue Water


We are four Guys that play a unique style or rock with influences from toto, phish, dave matthews, and more. There is no one that sounds like us.


Blue Water is made up of four unique individuals from different walks of life, yet all with common ties. Behind the drum set is the prodigy from New York, Jaime Silberberg. From the age of seven Jaime has been fascinated and dedicated

to music. At the young age of sixteen he recorded his first demo, in addition to performing with local bands, and school jazz bands. In 2003 Jaime became a student at the famed Berklee School of Music in Boston. Completing the rhythm section is Alfredo Greado from Texas. Fred from a young age was exposed to music especially being in Texas.

From the Famed blues of Austin to the Latin roots of his family. Being a Berklee graduate, Fred has not only received an amazing education, but he has gotten a plethora of playing and performance experience as a student, and as a professional. Behind the Keyboard and Synthesizer, and Alfredo’s good friend for years is Pancho. Also a Berklee graduate and originally from Spain,

Pancho Burgus has also grown up in a very musical household. His father is a guitar renound classical concert guitarist that now calls Miami home. While growing up, Pancho became very influenced by the music of his country and Europe, in addition to western music groups. Being not only a student but also a neighbor of Alfredo during his stay at Berklee, Pancho and Alfredo have performed together for a long time. Not only in school performance classes but band performances around the Boston area. Finally playing guitar and singing lead vocals is Evan Michael from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.Evan has always played an instrument of some sort,

but he found his calling at the age of 10 with a guitar. Evan completed the recording of his first album in the spring of 2003. Both inspired and driven to write from personal experiences, these lyrical and musically crafty songs eventually became the basis for the formation of Blue Water at Berklee. The songs were recorded with the same producer as Boca Raton’s own Dashboard Confessional, with guest musicians from Hot Brass Monkey, Mitch Farber and Tom Snellgrove.

Together these four guys form a melting pot of musical influences and taste. But together as one, as Blue Water they create something that is truly matchless, and will without a doubt make you stand up, tap your foot and smile. Take a journey on Blue Water, nothing you will sea or hear…is quite like it.


Blue Water
Journey of time

Good Morning Deja Vue

Set List

A set consists of our original and various cover material. Our material has a wide range of styles, from Jamband rock, mainstream rock, latin, too fusion.