Blue Whale

Blue Whale

 Shelbyville, Kentucky, USA

Raw, unadulterated Rock n' Roll


We met a long time ago and music was involved. Since then a baby was born in the depths of the ocean. The baby grew and grew and made a cave his home. He had three arms, in one arm, he held an electric guitar. In the second, a bass. And there, in the third, was a pair of drumsticks. In actuality, this baby was a metaphor for three grown men. Aaron Shupert, Conner Powell, and Taylor Powell. These three will continue to feed this baby healthy rations of unadulterrated rock n' roll, until this baby grows to a size unmatched. The biggest animal in the world. A BLUE WHALE.


The Wheels EP

Set List

Approximately 1 hour:
1. I'm Dyin' To
2. Whoa, Summer
3. Relief
4. Cruise
5. Beneath the Garden's Bed
6. The Wheels
7. Flippin' Out
8. Let Go
9. The Badge
10. People In My Head
11. Nomads