Rock with a twist. Metal for the thinking man. These have all been phrases for describing the music of Bluf. A young band with a fresh new sound and an amazing live show. Bluf will open your ears, eyes, and mind.


There are few genuine success stories in pop culture these days. Airbrushed “superstars” follow a carefully scripted rise to glory, but those who have built their careers on hype inevitably crumble under the weight of unbearable expectations. Some claim to have ascended strictly on their own merits, but find it easy to blame others when they fall from favor. Most simply genuflect to the gods of what’s hot now, and sell their souls for fifteen minutes of fame. But there are still a few artists who defy the hype, relying instead on a combination of sweat-equity artistry, finger-on-the-pulse songwriting and powerful live performances to get their point across.

Cincinnati hard rock trio, Bluf, falls into the latter category. Since banding together during high school, Bluf has patiently cultivated a mad following of fans who have, in turn, propelled the band into the forefront of the Cincinnati alternative music scene. Was there some secret ingredient behind Bluf landing at #5 on Alternative Addictions top 10 unsigned bands list? Or landing at #1 on Cincinnati rock station 97.3 WAQZ? Some magic formula that materialized the band on the same stage with the likes of Chavelle, Secret Machines, and 30 Seconds to Mars? Some gimmick, some slight of hand that compelled famed producer, Erwin Musper (David Bowie, Bon Jovi, Van Halen) to proclaim them ‘Cincinnati’s most talented power rock trio?’

In a word – ‘Yes!’ Yet the secret of Bluf’s phenomenal rise in popularity is really no secret at all. It has to do with a tenacious work ethic, a steadfast determination to succeed, an equally adamant refusal to compromise, and oh yeah, the knack for crafting great songs that stick in your head like gray matter superglue.

“We want to combine unique melodies with intelligent lyrics that can open someone’s minds to great thoughts,” explains Bluf’s frontman, Ian Mellencamp. “We’re after something deeper than what you expect to hear on the radio. We want to compel our listeners to look at things from a different perspective.”

Bluf’s phenomenal debut EP, aptly titled Intellectuallica, hammers that message home with an impressive series of solid hard rock anthems that include the moody and atmospheric To You, the enigmatic Enough, and the dichotomous ambient rock ballad, Return. Incorporating every nuance of their instruments, the band describes their music as “…some kind of fusion-ish hard rock-based R&B with ambient, alternative overtones.”

Bassist Evan Rubin points to their song, “Message From An Alien,” as a prime example of their mind opening music. “It’s all about looking at life from the outside-in rather than from our tiny perspective,” he insists.

Though Bluf steadfastly refuses to settle for status quo performances, they insist their music is not some high-minded, esoteric mess that only an art snob could love. “We are a musician’s band,” drummer Ben Rubin admits, “but we work hard to make sure we are accessible to the guy on the street. Bluf’s music is complex, intricate, yet it is easy to make sense of.”

"Bluf is all about making good music," adds Mellencamp. "We’re proud of what we’ve been able to achieve without resorting to gimmickry or some kind of crazy image. Bottom line is this: we want to infect your mind with music. If we can encourage you to look at an issue from a different perspective then our job is done.”


Bluf: Self Titled(Available everywhere 10.31.07)
1. Tether
2. To You
3. Enough
4. Return
5. Mechanic
6. Reunion
7. Schizo
8. Fix
9. Message from an Alien

Bamboo Room EP (2006)
1. Tether
2. To You
3. Enough
4. Return

A Strange Unusual Odd Situation EP
1.Peaceful Distance
4.Will Not

Set List

Set may include any of the following original songs:
To You
Message from an Alien
Peaceful Distance

Can play covers and also have an alter ego: an instrumental jazz/blues set.