blu Magoo

blu Magoo


We are an original Rock band with power. Good songs, good people and big fun. We strive to create music that is alive and energetic, with interesting melody and ear grabbing hooks and grooves. Lots of heavy beats, harmony vocals and melody.


We have a very wide range of influences mostly in the rock/hard rock/commercial pop genres.
Everything from the Beatles to Van halen to some of todays bands like Nickelback, Fuel, puddle of mud etc..
I personally am a huge fan of bands like Survivor, Journey, Styx, Boston, and just too many to count,
but I think that should give you a good idea.

We really like to try and write great songs. For me personally (Tony) when I write I try to take into account all the stuff that's in my head collectively from all the music I've heard and like throughout the years, and blend those elements with what's going on in todays music scene. It's a challenge but I think it's worth it to put in the effort to get what I think is a great song.


Coming home

Written By: Tony Perisich & Don Stolte

Should've told me, if you had another plan.
I would listen, my world won't spin it's outta hand.
You can't make it all the time,
See it's hard to be so kind,
You can always always find,
To be coming home..
If I followed, would I like what's in my eyes.
Hard to swallow, all the looks may be a lie.
Really don't have to be over,
It's everything that I told her,
There's so much left to discover,
Don't give in to another.
Nothing's over..

Pretty close to cool

Written By: Tony Perisich/Doug McCabe

If you want to be a part of me,
Come down from your pedastal to me.
You should've told me we were something in high school.
When you owned me I would break all the rules, I told you, close to cool.
Learn to be a silver lining to me.
Want to be a shining gold unto me.
You should've told me you want to be my moment.
Be the pretty one who did the things that I told you, when I told you.
I don't want to be a part of me,
a shining light of mediocrity.
Like every man who's blind but thinks he sees,
Drowning in his inward sympathy.

You should've told me you want to be my moment.
You should've told me when I was playing the fool.
When you sold me why oh why did I hold on, it's not forever.
You could've told me we were pretty close to cool.. so cool.. END


We currently have about 12 to 15 original songs that we think are 'keepers'. I'm working right now to get them arranged on a CD that I hope to make available soon. We have a website that I created which has streaming audio of ten of our songs.

We also had radio airplay here in Chicago on 94.7 the Zone, on their local band time slot.
They played a song of ours called, 'Just the same'.
We are very greatful to James VanOsdel (the DJ)
for giving us some airtime.
We also got a great review in the Illinois entertainer.

Set List

All originals of about 20 songs. We have plenty of covers if we need to fill more time, but we like to try and stick to the originals. Covers can be anything from STP, to Foo Fighters, To Old U2 stuff.