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“Whatever comes to my mind is how it comes out”. He writes everything you hear from him. He incorporates his influences into an unique sound that is cool, relaxing, “make-your-booty-shake” and thoroughly addictive, but he never shy away from his roots.


Blu Moon was born in Nassau, Bahamas. It was there that he fell in love with music with influences ranging from traditional hip hop artists like 8-Ball & MJG, Trick Daddy, and Scareface, and included, as well, such diverse styles as Reggae great Bob Marley, Metal band Metallica, Alternative band Foo Fighters, Blu Moon’s legend Otis Redding and Classics artists like Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. It was these open minded formative years that are ultimately responsible for the complexity that is Blu Moon's unique sound which is taking hip hop to exciting new places and unexplored territory.

Blu Moon's talents can be traced back to his Caribbean roots, his father, also a well known musician, Moon Man. Never having met his father, the Moon Man still played a strong influencing role on Blu Moon and it was his passing that served as the motivation behind Blu Moon changing his name from his previous epithet of Quin La. Blu Moon was raised by his mother along with his brother and two sisters and moved to the US when he was 7 years old. Growing up in Florida Blu Moon started rapping at the young age of 7, and when he was 17, wrote his first song "Blu Moon Sky, White Clouds, Gray Smoke". At age 20, Blu Moon signed his first record deal with Megabyte Records and since then he has opened up for such artists as Trina, Yin-Yang Twins, Icons, Kia, Moneymark from the Slip N Slide Crew, 8-Ball & MJG, Young Buck, TI and Young Jeezy.

Sergio Giles of DAE ONE Records got a hold of Blu Moon's Demo CD and immediately recognized the rare latent talent that was residing deep within the young musician, and signed him with DAE ONE in 2004. DAE ONE has been cultivating the young talent ever since, regulating his exposure with surgical precision and creating the optimal circumstances for a mass market introduction to begin the metamorphosis from underground phenomenon to mainstream superstar. Withholding such talent has not been easy but once fans hear his silky-smooth style with rhythm and rhyme that’s slick as axel grease… it will have been well worth the effort.

Like many other hip hop sensations, Blu Moon didn’t have it easy. Fate had him spend part of his formative years growing up in a culturally divided household and witnessing the worst that inner city streets can throw at a young teenager trying to find his way in life. Blu Moon can stare any gangsta rapper in the eye and say "I've been there too brother". However, the storyboard formulaic of the disillusioned street kid-turned gangsta, with a mind to exploit the criminal persona for hip hop stardom, does NOT register with Blu Moon one iota. Unlike those who have become the street in order to beat it, Blu Moon never surrendered to the pressures of surviving the streets, nor has he ever sold out to them. Blu Moon looked at the same challenges, and with music as his sword, managed to pierce through the wall of negative forces that surrounded him. He wrote about his dreams and the things that inspire him, like struggling in his career or trying to find that perfect woman. Things that can resonate with every man and that people recognize as being real. Blu Moon's message speaks to more people than any other hip hop artist and gangsta wannabe-fan because he's just a man like you and me, chasing dreams like you and me.

Blu Moon's music can only be described accurately by combining no less than five different genera. He himself though, can be personified in just three simple words. He's "The People’s Voice."


It's My Time - Suga Bang Drop

Set List

5 songs:
Party Up
Whip Cream
Suga Bang Drop
I'm A Hustle
I Like Dem
20 minute sets,