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"In The Phone Booth With Blu Noise"

We can’t believe it ourselves, but we got five people crammed into the phone booth for this phone call! The sound quality is a bit tricky, so you’ll want to be sure to listen in a quiet room. Blu Noise is a Los Angeles based band with a sound that can only be described as pop meets rock and soul. However you categorize it, Blu Noise is creating some exciting dance music. Lead vocalist Ziion J has a Sam Sparrow-esq vocal quality backed by an amazing drummer and keyboardist Leland Shennett. Leland was raised in Sitka and has a huge fan base in Alaska. Creative guitar playing comes from Matt Fransen and the mysterious bassist Caroline Myers. The band formed in early 2011, and since have been working on their debut EP, “A War In A Place We Call Home”. - Port of Adrina

"Cool People: Blu Noise"

During the my year in LA, I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful person and dear friend, Ziion. He is a talented musician who recently started a band, Blu Noise! The members come from very different musical backgrounds and each came to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute. They come together to create a very unique sound and are experiencing great success in their short time together. It is my pleasure to introduce them to the world of Unexpected Magick, so that you all can say you knew them when it all started! So Ladies and Gentlemen, the next big thing in Music: BLU NOISE!!! - Unexpected MagicK


Soiree -January 2013

"War In A Place we call home" October 24 2013



Blu Noise is an American Electro-Pop band based out of Los Angeles, CA. The band consists of Zion J (Lead Vocalist), Leland Shennett (Drummer) , Matt Fransen (Guitar) . Formed in 2011, they have since performed a rising number of venues throughout Los Angeles, including respected venues such as The Key Club, Angels & Kings, The Rainbow Room, and Whiskey A-Go-Go among others.