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Blunt Force [Official]

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band EDM Funk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"B!unt Force - A Brighter Tomorrow [FREE DOWNLOAD]"

Brian Gustafson is a budding Austin producer who has a knack for seamlessly blending funk, hip-hop, and glitch. The future funk creator’s latest release is a five track EP entitled A Brighter Tomorrow. More like a funkier tomorrow, the new B!unt Force album heavily doses the listener with glitchy hip-hop samples and groovy bass whomps to create a genre-bending journey.

The EP immediately lays down heavy funk with its title track, sampling Mobb Deep’s “Survival of the Fittest” and Common’s “The Light.” The deep bass wurbbles and hip-hop samples in the opener build off each other to create an enticing reciprocal relationship.

“Difference” keeps the deep funk going, and is destined to make the listener feel like the embodiment of a true badass with its incorporation of glitchy bass and sexy guitar solos in Jay Z’s “03 Bonnie & Clyde.” The track may even make you want to find a sexy partner in crime and conquer the world.

“Changing Times” switches things up and adventures to a darker side through low octaves and samples “Gangsta” by Bun B. The track possesses less funk than the rest of the EP, but does incorporate an alluring sax solo that radiates brightness through its juxtaposition in the overall darkness of the track. “Changing Times (Funktastic Remix)” starts out with the same dark octaves, but as the remix title suggests it incorporates some seriously funky guitar whomps in with the “Gangsta” sample. The placement of the original “Changing Times” and it “Funktastik Remix” demonstrate just how much a little bit of funk can brighten things up.

“Funkadelic Frequencies” wraps the EP up with a soaring adventure of full-throttle funk, hyphey tempo and a sample of Big Kuntry King ft. Trey Songz “The Baddest.” Give this full EP a listen and enjoy B!unt Force’s carefully crafted future-funk music and refined taste in hip-hop. - The Untz

"A Brighter Tomorrow EP – B!unt Force [FREE DL]"

We know many of you love yourselves some funky soul infused electro bass music so we thought this brand new batch of tracks from B!unt Force would be right up your alley. ‘A Brighter Tomorrow’ is the debut EP from this talented producer and it’s chock full of so many goodies we are sure almost any of you will find something you can groove to on this five track release. It seems like Austin is just a melting pot for electro-soul music right now as we are seeing quite a few talented new artists emerging from there lately. Being that this is B!unt Force’s debut EP he has been fine tuning each track so it hits each and every one of you just right! From funky walking basslines leading us into bouncing bass it’s hard to not get lost in the music once you dive in. Sprinkled in are crispy guitar licks, carefully selected vocal samplings, and starry synth lines that bring each track together. Ranging from gut rupturing bass hits to laid back funk infused jams we can’t believe this is his debut release! From here on out the only way to go is up for B!unt Force so be sure to keep your eyes out for this talented new producer on the block. - The Dankles

"[DOWNLOAD] Blunt Force & Kinetik Groove – Time To Live"

My god, Austin is just leaking bass music from the seams these days! As if the new release from Resonant Frequency yesterday wasn’t enough to get you going we have another brand new track from another talented couple of producers who are also doing their thing down there. Blunt Force and Kinetik Groove are giving us a taste of the first single off their upcoming collaborative EP that is due out later this summer on Philos Records. “Time To Live” takes us on a wild auditory roller coaster sprinkled with tasteful samples and undulating euphoric bass that is sure to rope you in. Be sure to crank those speakers up because Blunt Force and Kinetik Groove are bringing the heat! - The Dankles


If you’re looking for a incredibly fresh and unique addition to your music library, look no further than Philos Records’ B!unt Force. The young producer out of Texas just released 5 tracks of galactic funk by way of his ‘A Brighter Tomorrow EP’, which is available completely for free, as is all music via Philos. You have to admire how clean and groovy this entire EP is; its an extreme melding of funk, hip-hop and dubstep/electro that demands attention.
I’ve got to say my favorite track is “Funkadelic Frequencies”, featuring TechNoddo, also of Philos Records. The bassline is the epitome of groove and the sax and guitar are a nice touch on top of some heavy synth. - WhiteRaverRafting


Scientists at Philos University have been hard at work as of late; it seems two preeminent researchers by names of B!unt Force and Kinetik Groove have developed sound waves that make the human body physically unable to stop dancing. They’re calling this finding “Time to Live” and have been kind enough to pass their formula to WhiteRaverRafting to test the concoction.
We, of course, are talking about two of the hottest electro-soul/future funk producers in the game right now, B!unt Force and Kinetik Groove of Philos Records. These two young men have similar, yet very distinct styles, and the clash of their sounds is a match made in heaven. “Time to Live” is an incredibly intoxicating brew of funk and glitch-hop, featuring a head-nod inducing rhythm and the vocalics of Jim Morrison of The Doors and rapper Jay-Z. If you can’t get enough of this track, have no fear: the two plan to drop a collaboration album on August 14, just a few short months from now.
Listen below and give us your thoughts! - WhiteRaverRafting

"Blunt Force x TechNoddo - Funkadelic Frequencies"

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"Warp9 - It Ain't Right (Blunt Force ReFunk)"

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"Artist Spotlight: Philos Records"

"B!unt Force, the brainchild of Brian Gustafon, has been performing for a few years now and has already made quite a name for himself, sharing the stage with the likes of Kill Paris, Archnemesis, SuperVision, Robotic Pirate Monkey and more. B!unt Force began as a reggae band Gustafon was apart of back in 2009, but once the group disbanded, Gustafon took on the moniker himself when he began making beats out of his parent’s garage basement. His style is very uptempo hip-hop and funk/jazz driven, with electronic elements of glitch, electro and even trance at times evident." -

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"Wildlight - Live Inside A Dream (B!unt Force Remix)"

"Right now, Jumpsuit Records is holding a remix competition for the Wildlight tune "Live Inside A Dream". The label will choose 3 remixes to be featured on the official release for the track. One of the stand-out entries is a dreamy space funk remix by Austin DJ/producer B!unt Force. I would not be surprised at all if he gets chosen as one of the winners of the contest on October 15th. Check out his remix below. " - DanceYourFaceOff.Net

"NEW TUNE: Robotic Pirate Monkey – “The Walls” (B!unt Force Remix) [FREE Download]"

"We are huge fans of Robotic Pirate Monkey, and NOW we are huge fans of B!unt Force. Check out his remix of “The Walls” and grab your FREE download!

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD: Robotic Pirate Monkey – “The Walls” (B!unt Force Remix) on Soundcloud:" -

"SwAy – “Red Dawn (B!unt Force Remix)” (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Bass]"

"I’m always in need of more funk in my life and I seriously can never have enough. But today B!unt Force is doing a bit to help the situation, and they’ve done with absolute excellency. With a brand new remix on the map, the Texas based producer has managed to incorporate some seriously funky bass and guitar lines, leading into a massively grooving bass drop that will get even the most wary of bass heads jamming. Plus, who can resist that classic “super mega death ray” sample? Oh yeah, FREE download on this one! So you’ve got no excuse!" -

"Sway - "Red Dawn" (B!unt Force ReFunk)"

"New B!UNT FORCE track? That’s what we like to hear. Our Austin, TX homie, Brian Gustafson, brings the perfect mix of funk and bass to SwAy’s, “Red Dawn,” in his newest refunk. This guy is only just getting started, and I know he’s got some serious tricks up his sleeve, so be on the look out. GRAB THE FREE DOWNLOAD HERE." -

"Dasein - Purple Stuff (B!unt Force ReFunk)"

"Here’s a funky rework of Dasein’s, “Purple Stuff,” by Austin based producer/DJ, B!UNT FORCE. This guy kills it behind the decks, so if you ever get a chance to catch one of his sets around town, be sure to do so. I’m sure he will keep the funk coming, so stay tuned." -

"B!unt Force - Gettin Paper (Free Download)"

Brian Gustafson’s project B!unt Force has officially released his track, Gettin’ Paper. With perfectly layered sound, we get a Hip-Hop Dub blend that mashes together Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, California Swag District, Big Gigantic and last but not least, The Office theme song. Snag this juicy summer track on B!unt Force’s Soundcloud, and check out this Texas native’s Artist Showcase. -

"B!unt Force - Artist Showcase"

Brian Gustafson is making waves early in his dance music career under the alias of B!unt Force. This Texas native embraces experimentation in every genre from Moombahcore to Trance, and ceaselessly aspires to make groovable, feel good music.

Though B!unt Force only began producing electronic dance music in Spring for 2011, his talent is undeniably innate. Recently, he has received attention from Big Chocolate, having finished in the top 10 of his remix competition for his track Blue Milk.

B!unt Force has already been recognized enough to open for artists like Kill Paris, Robotic Pirate Monkey, CRNKN, Big C, and Feature

Cuts. He has also received support from one of his biggest inspirations, Minnesota, who has featured his remix of the Nas track, The World Is Yours, in his sets (this has also been featured in a previous Remix-Nation drop box post). B!unt Force admires Minnesota for bringing that perfect fusion of electro and hip-hop, creating funky and invigorating tracks. He was also invited to play a showcase with Candyland, Nobody Beats the Drum, Sazon Booya, Archnemesis and Team Bayside High during SXSW 2013.

This young producer is not far behind his idol, as he already has a portfolio of eclectic and unique tracks. Having played guitar in reggae band in high school and always having a love for rock, B!unt Force’s influences range from Kill Paris all the way to artists like Slightly Stoopid, String Cheese, Sublime and Pink Floyd.

B!unt Force’s most recent track in the works, Office, is a perfect example of his spry production ingenuity (Click the link to grab it for free!). Recently, he was asked to remix Robotic Pirate Monkey’s The Walls. The relaxed down tempo track was injected with a little glitch and some slow and sweet wobbles for an added dose of funk that does not distract from the intention of the original track.

Below, you can find B!unt Force’s music. Be sure to check out all of his tracks, there is quite an array of styles and sounds. He was also gracious enough to release his Arrival EP, a collection of original House tracks and remixes, for free!

If you’re in the Austin, Tx area in the near future, catch B!unt Force opening for Paul Basic with Psymbiotic on April 18th at Kingdom Austin Night Club and Supervision on June 8th.







Blunt Force is the musical vision of Houston, Texas native Brian Gustafson. Mixing elements of hip-hop, jazz, and modern-day electronics, B!unt Force evokes visions of outer space with a little dash of funk and glitch.

With roots dating back to late 2009, Gustafson began his musical career playing lead guitar with the reggae band Blunt Force. After disbanding in 2010, Brian looked for a new outlet to unleash his musical ideas. Gustafson took on the name Blunt Force individually and began producing beats out of his parents garage apartment.

Gustafson started performing live in the fall of 2012 and began catching the eye of many individuals around the country, having his tracks supported by artists such as Minnesota and Robotic Pirate Monkey.

Since then, he has had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Paul Basic, Orchard Lounge, Quixotic, DrFameus (Allen Aucion of the Disco Biscuits), D.V.S*, Michal Menert, JPOD the Beat Chef, Kill Paris, Govinda, Late Night Radio, Eminence Ensemble, Robotic Pirate Monkey, Mochipet, Archnemesis, SuperVision, Big Chocolate, CRNKN, Doorly, Psymbionic and many more. Blunt Force has also made it's way into the festival circuit in 2014 with performances at Summer Camp Music Festival, Wakarusa Music Festival, Euphoria Music Festival and Head For the Hills Music Festival.

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