Blunt Force Charm

Blunt Force Charm

 Leduc, Alberta, CAN

Blunt Force Charm is a hardhitting band with a clear blues influence. A two piece band not trying to do what is trendy. If your into it great, if not that's fine, if your in the middle get out.
if you want a band to bob your head to and move your body then have a listen to BFC.


Hello there, we are Blunt Force Charm. Thank you for reviewing our bio. We are pleased and proud to have made it this far and now that someone is reading this maybe we can come a little further.
Blunt Force Charm is a band turning the cheek at conventional wisdom and throwing out the so called rule book on being a band.With the most basic of setups we are a guitar/drum duo with a shared vocal responsibility, something like the Black Keys with a little more rock punch. We are aslo influenced by the old styles of guitar playing, and have a clear blues influence. When put together BFC has a sound that is fresh, skilled and comfortable. It can hold up to whatever is trendy at any given time. The duo has been under the name for two years. Although the members have been in and out of projects for about ten years. Playing in the local scene of Edmonton, Alberta we have gained a strong following as a duo and got some local radio support. Balancing regular work life and family, we still hold on to being career musicians. Hope you find this music as special as we do.


Blunt Force Charm (self title EP)
All songs on the my space page as well as itunes and EP album.