Blunt Tangerine

Blunt Tangerine


Jam Band. Influenced by 60s and 70s Hippie Music.


We sort of agree that Blunt Tangerine is a band without having any obligation or much effort to self promotion or over producing.
But we do our job enthusiastically in creating and playing our music as a group of musicians.

We believe that the live performance of a good take is truly beautiful music. Improvisation is the communication between the voices of the instruments. And rhythm determines and leads all carefully, and it carries the train to explore without getting a wreck on the invisible rails. We like to avoid cutting or adding parts of the music we recorded afterwards.
These honest and ritualistic moments of jams are totally dedicated to God, nature, people, spirits and to ourselves.

Professional musicians as the amateur farmers trying to grow Blunt Tangerine sweet but could be bitter and sour.
Listen cautiously.