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BluRum 13

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There's a reason why BluRum 13's likeness graces a wall in St. Petersburg, and fans make pilgrimages to Montreal for his Friday night freestyles. With sickening flows for miles - both off the top and topping UK charts - BluRum 13 is every rap fan's reason and hip hop's salvation. Pay close.


The distinct voice is what immediately sets this Washington DC area emcee apart from the rest. His casual demeanor and humorous nature, allow his intricate and varying flows to deliver life messages, revelations and quirky observations, directly to your inner conscience.
Inspired by hip hop and a fan since '84 BluRum13's style reflects the genre's evolution with every phrase.
Touring mostly in the US and Europe with various bands since 1997. A road veteran with hundreds of performances, under his belt, BluRum13 has honed his live and improvisational skills as the front man for Kid Koalas Bullfrog, The Russian Percussion with Dj Vadim, Mr.Thing and Killa Kela, One Self, hip hop Jazz Legends, US3, electro Swiss Natives Reverse Engineering not to exclude the many incarnations of his solo projects

Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, rock, all influences of the style.

Some Artist BluRum13 has been compared to.
Del the Funky Homo sapien
A Tribe Called Quest
Digable Planets
Gift of Gab.

Some people BluRum13 has opened for.
Black Sheep
Slum Village
Prince Paul
Maceo Parker
Herbie Hancock
Wu Tang Clan


1998 Bullfrog, Rope a Dope/Alantic Records
1999 Previouslee Unreleased Recordings of... whitelabel
2001 Vaguely Familiar, Jazz Fudge
2001 Sleep speechless 12" Jazz Fudge
2002 It is 12" Jazz Fudge
2003 Smell the Urgency, Online Release
2005 Do it 12", Waxflowers/Fat Beats
2005 Earthbound 12" the Elephant.
2006 One Self: Children Of Possibility, Ninja Tune
2006 Sound System 12" Jarring Effects
2006 Choose to care 12" the Elephant.
2007 Tether ep
2008 Tell Me You Love it 12"- Aquasky/ 777
2008 The Hip hop Ep- Aquasky 777

Set List

30 to 60 minutes
Fear the labor
Odds Even
Deceive and Receive
Party Balloon
Still Living