Brian Lorente and the Usual Suspects

Brian Lorente and the Usual Suspects

 Saint Johns, Michigan, USA

Brian Lorente and the Usual Suspects deliver a multi-demographic pleasing modern live country show.


2014 will see Brian Lorente and the Usual Suspects expanding in to wider markets during the summer months on the heels of their freshly released EP currently in the works.  BLUS continues to wow clubs as well as festivals and corporate events with their trademark crowd-pleasing stage performance. 

Set List

Our sets are ever changing as song popularity rises and falls, and we also play different songs at different venues. Sometimes we play more line-dance music and more roadhouse country. Sometimes we focus on current country hits. We play classic and southern rock, and have even been known to drop a Metallica or Guns N Roses tune when the situation is right. Some shows we play all originals, sometimes we only play one or two. Its all about with the buyer/venue wants and/or needs.