Superchunk meets Radiohead in Aphex Twin's tanning booth.


Sometime in 2001, Denver rock veterans Jme White (ACROBAT DOWN) and Michael Behrenhausen (JUHL and MARACA FIVE-O) made a record of experimental bedroom recordings, with no ambitions for national release. Titling the project BLUSOM (pro-nounced “Blue-Some”), they simply passed the recording among friends and local music fans. Two years later, the folks at Second Nature Recordings wound up with a copy and immediately hunted down White and Behrenhausen to ask permission to make it more widely available.

Blusom’s two-year old recording is a prescient combination of ambient electronics, brittle, lo-fi acoustic pop, trip hop flirtations, and intimate, earnest vocals – a combination of sounds that fits the cultural trends of 2003’s POSTAL SERVICE as comfortably as Behrenhausen channels the intimacy and disturbing urgency of 1993-era EAST RIVER PIPE.

Never intended for commercial release, but now released as a “proper” full-length, Go Slowly All The Way Round The Outside is being hailed as a perfect mix of heartbroken vocal melodies, thoughtful instrumentation, and indie pop sensibilities unconfined by commerce. It is, as one journalist described it, like “Superchunk meeting Radiohead in Aphex Twin’s tanning booth.” Recorded entirely by White at his Thin Air Studios in Denver, the strength and beauty of Go Slowly All The Way Round The Outside lies in the duo’s combination of songwriting skills and conviction to studio experimentation driven by a once private desire to create something new and honest.

The duo has made the project a full-time endeavor, performing live shows around the Denver/Boulder area. A 2003 Spring/Summer Tour of the South and Midwest followed soon after.
Currently, White and Behrenhausen are putting the finishing touches on their follow-up: a 15 song full-length cd, to be titled The Metapolitan.



Written By: Michael Behrenhausen

It's a long and panoramic view
stretching out behind
but all I see is you
in the photo
I can't seem to find
to throw away
why won't this go away?
how did things ever get this way?

and will you ever hear
this lullaby
this last goodbye to you:

"goodnight, sleep tight, it's over"

and when you wake
all I ask
is that you
live each minute
as you are free from the past
pictured perfect
and fading fast
in memory

Off Of Cliffs

Written By: Michael Behrenhausen

you're never gonna be
happy with the way
the curved roads
straighten out
and you're never gonna
guess what's around
the bends
no matter how hard you try
your hands are losing
their grip
so you want to give up trying
and you want to give up flying

so, here's to driving
off of cliffs

and here's to the sense
of flying
if only for a minute
living for the sake of living
and leaving it all behind
one last time
one last time

(why can't we leave it
all behind?)
is the last thing you say
before the wheels go out
from under you
(why can't we leave it
all behind?)
what are you gonna do now?
(why can't we leave it
all behind?)
when the only direction is down


Written By: Michael Behrenhausen

God bless us,
the quiet ones
that have come off of the wall
pulled like nails out of holes
that rust
yet hope to thrive

there really is no pain
in being alive
so go and tell it to the
ones we left behind
it'll be alright
it'll be alright

you can say,
"live your life
come down from that wall"

it'll be alright
it'll be alright


FULL LENGHTH CD - Go Slowly All the Way Round the Outside
released 8/12/03 on Second Nature Recordings

Set List

1 set at approx. 35 minutes:
Midnights and Mornings
X Photo
Iceland or Greenland
American Walkabout
On Glass
Ancient Medicine
Greens and Greys
Where Is My Mind (Cover of the Pixies)