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San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco, California, United States
Band Rock EDM


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"Music For People"

Album Review:
Music For People
November 11, 2008

It's often hard to say when an artist crosses that threshold from obscurity and into having "made it." Getting major radio play? Sure. Playing sold out crowds at A-list venues? Oh yeah. Hearing your song on a commercial for a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? Well, maybe.

Livetronica act BLVD stands at this ambiguous crossroads with its fourth album "Music For People," on the verge of more widespread recognition just as they have diversified their sound by adding a full-time MC to their three-man line-up. The original trio consisted of Tripp Bains on bass, Dylan McIntosh on drums, and Curtis Sloane on electric guitar, with the latter two doing behind-the-boards work as well. Colorado resident Souleye is the newest element in the mix, contributing his raps to all but one of the album's ten tracks and shaking up the group's already unwieldy mix of genres. The new direction appears to suit them, though, with CBS taking notice and using their song "Stamina" to promote their winter underwear extravaganza. Whether or not the Moby path to fame by ad music succeeds in making them a household name, it's as good an introduction as any to a group whose sound is actually adding something new to the increasingly entrenched style laws of hip hop.

Emilee Woods

"Music For People"

September 15, 2008

Musical fusion, and the line-crossing of genres is increasingly becoming more common, as innovative musicians are consistently growing weary of their respective boxes, and music lovers are constantly craving something new to grace the palettes of their ears. Well, BLVD should be added to that special fold. A collaborative group consisting of an instrumental trio from San Francisco and MC Souleye from Colorado, BLVD creates hip-hop flavored, live, rock induced electronica (if that makes any sense at all).

Music For People, the new album by BLVD, definitely shines in the way of seamless music merging. Songs like "108 Rose Petals," "Stamina," and "Music is a Medicine," all highlight the groups ability to blend a bass heavy, pulsing electronic sound with live, fuzz guitar riffs and crash cymbals, all complimented by MC Souleye's b-boy cadence.

But it's not just Souleye's flow that compliments the group. It's also what he rhymes about. Songs like "Attachment," which addresses the excessive want for things, and "Moments Away," a number encouraging us all to live, and to never hesitate, are all illustrations of Souleye's thoughtfulness. He pens lyrics that resonate as much as the booming bass.
Jason Reynolds

"Music For People"

I've always found it refreshing when an artist decides to take a new direction that demonstrates growth while building on what they've already accomplished. Abandoning the warm blanket of what is comfortable and expected, this latest effort from San Francisco-based BLVD departs from their previous work with the addition of MC Souleye taking the mic. Spawned from an impromptu 2007 performance, the collaboration has yielded some interesting work.

In the past, BLVD has provided a steady stream of live instrumental electronica. Their previous albums are a marriage of the acoustic and electronic featuring deep grooves and clever composition reminiscent of the decidedly more electronic Crystal Method.

With Music For People, BLVD has taken their digital and analog alchemy to a new place with the addition rap vocals. What began as pure freestyle has evolved into written words that at their best meld seamlessly with the music.

The album eases the listener in with "108 Rose Petals" before really picking up intensity on "Music is a Medicine". The band returns to their sans vocal form with "LIT", laying a down a relaxed groove and then exploring. "Come Along" provides the listener with some of the most well defined hooks on the album without crossing the line into pop-sillyness. In fact the whole album is remarkable with its infectious grooves and general catchiness without ever really losing its hip quality. Music For People ends in strong fashion with the up-tempo "Alignment" and the appropriately named closing track "Time's Up".

On this album BLVD has infused organic energy into an electronic world. That's no easy feat considering the frequently barren wasteland of disposable electronic music a listener can walk through on any given day. If you've never heard BLVD before, Music For People is a great place to start. At the same time, established fans of BLVD will be satisfied as the band has added a compelling element but remained true to what has made their music work in the past.
Noah Small - Contributor



5 Studio Albums:
"untitled" release date 3/1/10
"Music For People" 2009
"Digital Disorder" 2007
"Before We See The Sun" 2006
"BLVD" 2005



Having just wrapped up recording their 5th album with critically-acclaimed producer Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, Fischerspooner, The Black Keys), BLVD continued it's blitz of the North American festival circuit. The band rocked the Shambhala Music Festival in British Columbia, and put an exclamation point on the season with a headlining play at Earthdance Festival's hub event. Other highlights included playing the Do Lab's Coachella Festival installation, Camp Bisco, Summer Meltdown, and a headlining set at New York City's Bowery Ballroom. Following a West Coast run with The Disco Biscuits this November, BLVD is excited to be ushering in 2010 internationally on the tropical island paradise of Fiji, and followed by an extensive January tour of Australia.

BLVD has created a style that is winning people over from coast to coast. Coupling groove-driven instrumentals with life-affirming vocals, the band’s sound is equally at home in live music venues and dance clubs. 2008’s full-length Music for People earned the band respect from critics, with select tracks being heard on both Fuel Television and MTV, as well as on promotional websites for Victoria's Secret, AOL, and CBS. BLVD’s live show is a fusion of electronic soundscapes and live instrumentation, featuring drummer Dylan McIntosh, electric guitarist Curtis Sloane, and bass / synth player Tripp Bains. Completing the quartet is charismatic front-man Souleye, who opens hearts and minds alike with his unique blend of vocal styling and lyrical substance. Unpredictable live performances can include rock instrumentals, innovative vocal mash-ups of the band's influences, and live/electronic arrangements drawing on influences from many genres. BLVD's sound doesn't lend itself to typical classifications, and their work is a great representation of our current musical landscape.