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The best kept secret in music


"Blynd is a young band that comes from Cyprus. That’s not so easy to classify their music, actually they play a mix between Thrash, Death and even Progressive metal on some parts of the songs. Even if the album suffers of an average production (but hey, that’s just a demo…) that’s really easy to see that we have a lot of potential here and I’m quite sure that Blynd will be a good surprise of our future.

“Embraced And Abandoned� is a good surprise, actually the music remind me some bands like Orphaned Land (especially on “Circle Of Life�) or Paradise Lost and Moonspell. I don’t say that it is a clone or even that they play the same kind of music, actually Blynd is a lot more Thrashy, but in the spirit we aren’t not really far away.

The music of the Demo is dark but the songs are catchy, really effective and that’s easy to see that we have some potential hits on this album. I just hope that they will have some good recording means when they will record their first album because that’s the only problem of the CD. They deserve it at least…

Actually I think that Blynd will be able to do something especially when Andreas said to me that they want to follow the way of the first song of the album for their future compositions. And let me say that this one is a great one with some “Folkish� parts really amazing. Also the progressive break and solos are all really excellent and yes I believe in this band actually.

Let’s hope that they will have the luck to find a label, they deserve it in my opinion regarding the quality of the compositions of the demo. That’s a good original music and we are in front of a talented band. I’m sure that Blynd will do something really and I invite you to check their website to listen to some samples and to see that I’m serious when I see that we’re in front of a really interesting combo."

Rating: 8
Reviewed by Jeff
- Metal Storm

"Circle of Life" opens climatically with clean guitars and some background atmospheres that shows that Blynd is a band that can unleash heavy tunes but keeping a dark atmosphere in the compositions. Heavy guitar riffs are combined here with melancholic and climatic vocals showing a band that is really solid and heavy. The drumming is intense and fast, setting the pace of the tunes while the guitars add the heart and soul of the music. There are tempo changes here that are one of the essential elements in the music, showing good musicianship besides aggression. The vocal lines are carefully developed comstructing passages that turn into a climax on each compositions. the bass surprises with some slapping in tunes like "Circle of Life" adding complexity and changes to the music. the band is well rehearsed and it has good technical skills. Five tunes that leave you wanting more from this killer band".
- Music Extreme


Embraced And Abandoned EP 5 tracks
Circle Of Life and Eternity in Bulgaria radio


Feeling a bit camera shy


BLYND were formed a couple of years back by Andreas (lead vocals/bass guitar) and followed several changes in structure until the final line-up was formed with Andreas, Konstantinos (lead & rhythm guitars) and Koumis (drums). The band begun to play live at several venues mainly covering bands such as Pantera, Priest, Moonspell and so on. Integrating and combining their ideas the band started writing original material.The band clearly defined their sound as BLYND metal, for the mere reason that all members come from different musical backgrounds and influences. Those differentiations in musical tastes shared a similarity that ascended in the creation of "Circle of Life", the first song written by the band. Several other songs were written and in the summer of 2004 the band with the immense help of Marios Mashtouris and large quantities of alchohol, begun studio recordings, which lasted a couple of months and resulted in the release of "Embraced and Abandoned". The album contained five tracks. "Embraced and Abandoned" was promoted abroad as well, send to record companies with hopes to climb a step further. The band was lucky enough to get a review in Terrorizer (UK) of 8/10 and several positive comments. BLYND are at the moment promoting and distributing their album abroad and if all goes well, the live shows in the summer will include European metal festivals as well...