Blynd Metal!!!


BLYND were formed a couple of years back by Andreas (lead vocals/bass guitar) and followed several changes in structure until the final line-up was formed with Andreas, Konstantinos (lead & rhythm guitars) and Koumis (drums). The band begun to play live at several venues mainly covering bands such as Pantera, Priest, Moonspell and so on. Integrating and combining their ideas the band started writing original material.The band clearly defined their sound as BLYND metal, for the mere reason that all members come from different musical backgrounds and influences. Those differentiations in musical tastes shared a similarity that ascended in the creation of "Circle of Life", the first song written by the band. Several other songs were written and in the summer of 2004 the band with the immense help of Marios Mashtouris and large quantities of alchohol, begun studio recordings, which lasted a couple of months and resulted in the release of "Embraced and Abandoned". The album contained five tracks. "Embraced and Abandoned" was promoted abroad as well, send to record companies with hopes to climb a step further. The band was lucky enough to get a review in Terrorizer (UK) of 8/10 and several positive comments. BLYND are at the moment promoting and distributing their album abroad and if all goes well, the live shows in the summer will include European metal festivals as well...


Embraced And Abandoned EP 5 tracks
Circle Of Life and Eternity in Bulgaria radio

Set List

15 songs.
Circle of life, Eternity, Embraced and Abandoned, My Sanctuary, Blynd Visions, Take what is yours, Human Touch, One Tear For Glory, Falling so low.
Covers: Cowboys from hell (Pantera)
The blood the sweat the tears (Machine head)