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"Blyster - Last Call"

Blyster - Last Call

I got an email from my bud, Peredy. He sent me this tune by his band, Blyster. He wanted me to give it a listen and let him know what I thought. Well, damn! I can do that! (Click here to listen to Last Call!) After I listened to it, this is what I told him:

"Hey Peredy! I checked out the song...fucking fascinating! I'll be honest and say that the style of music is much harder than I would normally listen to, but either way I was drawn to it! I think one of the things that makes a song of any genre a good song is when a fan of another form of music can dig the tune for what it is...a kick ass song! And Last Call is a kick ass song!
The guitar sound throughout is crunchy great and I totally like the way the drummer keeps it all together...fucking flows nice! From start to finish this is a pretty cool tune!"
Peredy told me that the song is about pretty much all the typical things that people go through or what runs through their head before it is the "Last Call" before they "Blow Up". Pretty much you just cant take any more of it. Better back off kind of thing. There are so many scenarios that we couldn't cover them all, but when the lyrics were written, that's what went through my head. The parts were written by the band members. Each member writes their own part in each song, so that way we all have our own passion included with each piece of music that you hear from Blyster

~Ryan ONeil
The Rock Zone

- The Rock Zone


Who knew that Hickory, North Carolina would be hiding such a ground gem? The mixed talents of Peredy (Vocals), Andy Clarke (Guitar), Daniel (Vocals), Barry (Bass) and Mikey (Drums) sift together twisting rhythms and scorching vocals; creating a ripping masterpiece of ear candy.

As I listened to their sample album, simply entitled BLYSTER Sampler, I really got into their cranking drums and low, hard-hitting bass. It almost had a Korn feel, but not exactly. Their style is very defined and I absolutely fell in love with the variety of vocals the members spontaneously tossed into their song, Last Call. Breathe, the next track I had the pleasure of listening to, spun with crunching guitars, pulsating drums and that same transition of sweet and rigid vocals I dug so much in Last Call.

BLYSTER is hard, grungy rock complete with emotionally tattered lyrics and has the makings of a successful band with a huge cult following. If you like music and you like it rigid and well, stiff, I suggest you give them a nice, hard listen. Check out for the down low and upcoming show info.

~Stephanie Simpson-Woods
Author and Literary Attache for Psyzmacgrafs

- Psyzmacgrafs


So far there is the 3 song demo out. There will be a full length for press hopefully within a couple months. Streaming on the official Blyster website at and air play fomr different radio staions such as Charlottes WEND 106.5 (The End) on 90 minutes and aiming for prime time.



Although it is extreemly hard to get a different sound from everyone else. We are so diverse that we do have our own. We have been refered to as so many "sounds" of different bands from so many infuences, that we direct most of our influence from the feedback of the fans.