Blythe Hollow

Blythe Hollow


alt-country, country rock, or folk rock. acoustic guitars, hollow body guitars, pedal steel, mandolin, banjo and a rythm section that crosses good old rock and roll with country ballad. On top of all that, the achingly honest vocal harmonies pull it all together for these Massachussets boys.


Blythe Hollow
“somehow home”

Blythe Hollow will release their debut album “somehow home” in the spring of 2005. Recorded in a studio near their home, the boys decided to take as much time needed to record an album that was rich, full and instrumentally diverse. Mandolins, banjos, pedal steel and hollow body guitars sit beautifully among the strum of the acoustic guitar and the achingly honest vocal harmonies. The rhythm section sets a pace that navigates the line between good old rock n’ roll and country ballad, all the while adding a flare that only these Massachusetts boys could get away with. So grab a glass of your favorite whisky and enjoy the sounds of the north country with Blythe Hollow.

Formed in the summer of 2004 by Ben, Josh and Mike who had previously toured and recorded together for a few years in a band called The Burning Paris and also moved on to other bands(On Fire, Thee Electric Bastards). They decided to put together a band that was more organic in instrumentation and not rely on distortion heavy guitars or delay soaked sounds. They found what they needed in songs written with a country or folk style. Andy, an old friend, quickly filled the bass guitar position and songs began to flow quickly. Ben would bring in some songs and the rest of the group responded with their own touch. Many, many days, nights and drinks followed to try and refine the sound and to realize the vision that started as just a late night conversation. Something was still missing until Calvin came along with his pedal steel guitar. He impressed the boys immediately with his fine pedal steel abilities and his healthy appetite for whisky. Not long after that Blythe Hollow entered Dream On Studios in nearby Essex, MA to embark on a recording journey, which is Blythe Hollow’s “somehow home”.

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