Banza Maras Amoo

Banza Maras Amoo


I produce all my tracks from the ground up. I specialize in many areas of Electronica including Downtempo, Trance, House, and Ambient. I strive to create interesting emotional tracks that inspire and show the true potential of independent electronic music artists.


I started writing music a couple of years ago with some simple software applications, and before I knew it, I was writing more and more complex tracks. Soon, I needed better software and some more production tools (ie: keyboard, triggerfinger) I purchased Reason 3.0 and SoundForge 6.0 and never looked back. I am continuously progressing my style and the depth of my tracks. Most of my tracks are very influenced by my love for all music genres. I try to provide an interesting listening experience for all people despite their musical tastes. I hope you enjoy my music. Peace. -BMA


Sweet Rain
Rlease Me - EJL (BMA - DrivehourMix)
Lounge 702 (BMA - ChilloutMix)
Space Chamber (Original Mix)