San Diego, California, USA
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What happens when Eminem meets Andre 3000, and the Beastie Boys join the mix as well? You get the lyrical styling, B-Boy feel, relentless energy, and intelligence of BMartini. Considered a "back-packer" or a "conscious rapper" by some, his talent is undeniable, and his future is unlimited.


BMartini (government: Bruce Martin) is a San Diego, CA based rapper who was born and raised on Chicago's SouthSide. His lyricism & flow is a blend of Chicago-inspired speed rhyming and West Coast vibe, with a heavy dose of B-Boy feel emanating throughout. A prototypical Gemini, his intricate style is fresh & different with a focus on stringing along complicated trains of thought and double entendres while maintaining the solid upbeat rhythm that keeps him moving and dancing, even while he performs. Known for including dance breaks into his songs, he strives constantly to keep the energy levels high during his live performances, often infusing the crowd with his own over-the-top energy levels. BMartini's style is different from most, especially when considering some of the most important aspects of his music: specifically, his lyrical ability is intricate and diverse, his beats are often eclectic and different, and his library is as vast as his knowledge of hip-hop. A true student of the culture of hip-hop, BMartini's goal is to change the music industry by leading the way in the musical revolution of quality over commercialism, while still straddling the line between music that is good, and good music. BMartini is the voice of a new generation of rappers.


Starvin 4 A Mil...Syndicate Compilation Vol. 1 of 1
by The SmC
Starz B4 A Deal...Syndicate Compilation Vol. 2 of 2
by The SmC
The Boondocks Mixtape Vol. 1 of 1 by The SmC
Drive-Ins & Drive-Bys Vol. 1 of 1 by The SmC

As a solo artist:
So No Salesman Vol. 1 of 1
So No Salesman Vol. 2 of 2...Word To RJ
Still No Salesman Vol 1 of 1

Other Mixtapes:
Indie Castle Mixtape Vol. 4

Coming Soon:
The Tarmac (Debut Solo Album)

Set List

Body Rockin'
Like A O.G.
Tha Movement

Plus many more songs available for much longer gigs.