Instrumental Prog-rock, with a touch of funk, jazz & metal.


BML formed in Rochester, NY of 2002. BML, an instrumental group, consists of 3 professional musicians. Extremely talented, creative and experienced, these unique personalities fuse together a complete rock masterpiece. Offering a refreshing aproach to songwriting, each member of BML shines through within each arrangement. This can be felt most prominently in their live performances, a high energy, full-on rock assault. Describing the music of BML is no easy task. They have been compared to such bands as Primus and King Crimson but BML leaves it up to the listener to formulate their own unique experience.


Indicative of Obnoxious Behavior (2006)
Wish You Weren't Here (2006)

Set List

Red Creek Runner
Thanks Jim, Thanks
Fried Chicken Pick it Up
Hocus Pocus by Focus by BML
A Song That Goes Like This
Jeff Steverson’s Ghetto Blaster
De:Yo Gwa:Hat:E Doh
God Be Laughing
Vinyl Orange Ottoman
The New One
To What Cloud
Whatcha Doin That Fer?
Open That Door
Bring Your Own Tar Tar
Hook Up and Cook Up a Couple

55 minutes