Woodbury, New York, USA

BM LINX is electronic rock music. The sound is influenced by 70s progressive and current electronic dance production. With big guitars. Citing their influences as "musicians and bands that don't blow smoke and really bring it", they uphold themselves to such standards in the studio and on stage.


New York City-based BM LINX combines the energy of current electronic dance production with the musicianship and authenticity of 70’s progressive rock.

The self-released debut album, “The Portable Genius”, reveals BM LINX’s rare ability to balance upbeat and melancholy themes with acoustic and electronic elements. Along with 10 original titles, the cover of Sonic Youth’s “100%”, and bonus remixes of “Understanding Orange”, “The Portable Genius” honorably showcases the rapidly developing forefront of modern rock 'n roll.

The band's highly anticipated follow-up album, "Black Entertainment", goes even further to highlight the trio’s uncanny skill at merging the electronic and rock and roll genres but with a bigger, bolder sound. Produced and written by frontman Tony Diodore, recorded and engineered by Rudyard Lee Cullers at Stratosphere Sound in NYC, and mixed by Alan Moulder at Assault and Battery Studio in London, this soon-to-be-released burner is set to turn heads.

URB (4 out of 5 stars)
"Rolling Stones catapulted into the electronica age ... an exploration of influences tied together by electronic undertones."

London Tour Dates Mag (feature)
“Electro-innovators in the studio, searingly powerful hard rock band on stage...My God, they rock hard, do the Linx on stage."

The Daily News (4 out of 5 stars)
“'Black Entertainment' is a wonderfully eclectic album by a band that’s equally adept in multiple genres."

Rock-a-Rolla Magazine
"Imagine if the Stones and UNKLE had jammed together at their peak. If you can get your head around that then you are some way towards hitting what BM LINX have managed to capture on [Black Entertainment]"

Covert Curiosity - SXSW recap
"BM LINX and Mike Relm absolutely stole the show....[BM LINX] had the crowd dancing from the first note....they ended up being one of the best bands I saw at SXSW."

4or The Record
"[Black Entertainment] provides fresh and inspiring sounds and compels rock music and electronica to levels that other bands in the same bracket should aspire to"

Room 13
"By cleverly mixing elements of electronica, rock and including a hefty slab of dance music, [BM LINX has] created one of the most interesting and varied albums heard for some time."

Banging Drum (9 out of 10)
"It’s hard to say whether world is ready to take on such musical genius, but one thing I do know – when they make their way over to this side of the pond, I’ll be standing in the front row."

“With an electro-indie-rock swaggering sound that lies somewhere in the very vast space between Kasabian and Radio Soulwax, BM LINX are something of a breath of fresh air."

M1st (5 out of 5 stars)
“With a scintillating combination of epic rock'n'roll and stylish electro-pop, BM LINX's sound is sure to please club-heads and mosh pit enthusiasts alike. What's unusual though is that the album flows seamlessly between genres like it was born of an entirely natural process; no mean feat by anyone's standards."

The Dreaded Press
“'Kids on Fire' is no shy beast: big verses, vast choruses and then that snaking acid box is loosed about two thirds of the way in, offering a sparkly, twisting ride to the end with no time for no stoopid middle eight or any of that old fashioned rock cliché, yo...'KOF' sounds how you’d imagine Depeche Mode would like to were they not old enough to be your dad."

DSD Music Magazine
“They are essentially the Darth Vader to Girl Talk's Han Solo."

Red Hot Velvet
"Transitions across genres don’t come much more varied than this though the blend is sweet. What BM LINX have here is floor filler that will appeal to a wide audience... Rather than just rockers, or indie kids and or dance guru‘s, 'Kids On Fire' will become a fitting anthem to grace any number of scenes..."

Indie Rock Review
"I can't think of a better album that demonstrates the seamless transition and blend between rock n' roll and electronica."

Amplifier Mag
"... Just as impressive is BM LINX’s sonic range, from the pure techno thump of 'Clean Dirt' to the Nick Drake/Richard Thompson acoustic guitar instrumental workout of 'White Limousine' to the massively grooved indie rock menace of the Cult-like 'Find the Water'."

The Deli Magazine
"BM LINX manage somehow to create a sound that mixes ingredients as disparate as good old Rock'n'Roll (read Rolling Stones), Hard Rock (Led Zeppelin), Electronica and Psych Rock (The Doors, Secret Machines). Their sound is aggressive but polished. If you are in desperate need of a rather epic experience head to [see them live]"

EQ Mag
October 2008 issue: Alan Moulder interview on mixing "Black Entertainment".

"Imagine if Depeche Mode or The Killers were set to the more sadistic electro beats of UNKLE; ['Understanding Orange'] jams within you..."

The Pill
"['Black Entertainment'] further solidifies the blossoming relationship between modern electro and progressiv


Debut album - "The Portable Genius"

Second album - "Black Entertainment"

Set List

Typical set list is 6-7 songs.

List varies slightly from show to show, but typically includes:
The Outlaw Jimmy Rose
Kids On Fire
Understanding Orange
Red House Been Empty
Some Girl